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The Science Of Soundproofing: How It Enhances An Environment

While some sounds are very pleasant to hear, other sounds can be downright disruptive. Indeed, people have varied preferences when it comes to the receipt of audio, all which can make you wonder if they really love or hate sound. While some audiophiles incorporate surround-sound in their residences or offices, other people are making plans to lay acoustic flooring or install sound-proofing in ceilings.


We Enhance Sound as Well as Muffle it

Sounds are filtered out by wall panels and acoustic doors as well. Evidently, any cacophonous noise is treated with disdain. Because of our love of certain audio sounds but dislike for sounds, such as traffic, the idea of filtering sound or enhancing the audio in a place can end up becoming rather confusing.

Pleasant Audio

If you retain sound control services then, you do so with the idea that you want to block out those discordant sounds and replace them with audio-enriched pleasant-to-the-ear melodies or vocals. The whole idea of using sound control or buffering in your home or office is to make any sound you hear compatible with its surroundings.

Noises You Can Do Without

A nuisance noise cannot only make life more stressful, it can fully disrupt your lifestyle whether you are studying for a test or trying to obtain your eight hours of beauty sleep. If you are currently beleaguered by a noise dilemma, the easiest solution is to annihilate the audio at its source. However, that may not always be a plausible option, especially if the noise, say, is coming from a noisy nightclub next door or from a construction site across the street.

Soundproofing Is an Option if You Cannot Kill the Noise

Maybe you are the cause of the sound or noise and do not want to bother others. In either event, you need to find a way to block out the distraction and minimise its effects. If you cannot kill the sound at the source then, your next alternative will be to find a reasonable way to soundproof the area of the house where it is needed most.

Think Like a Scientist

If you want to better understand how to implement soundproofing in your home or office, you must learn to think like a researcher or scientist. Tackling any noise problem can be better facilitated when you look at the science of sound and find ways in which to reduce noise.

How Sound Travels

Sound itself is a type of energy that is created anytime that something vibrates. This energy needs to travel somewhere. Therefore, the obvious route is outward or going away from the source of the sound – everything, in the interim, will vibrate, almost in sync, until the energy reaches the ears. By the time the energy reaches the eardrums, it is on its way to the signals in our heads that register a good or bad response.

Air-proofing You Home

In order for the energy of sound to travel, it needs a medium like air to transfer it. Therefore, a door or window permits air to travel into a living or work area, but, because air carries sound waves, sound is transported inside as well. Unfortunately, if you shut the window, the sound will still make its way through the glass and the window frame. With that being said, however, since most of the sound is carried by air. Therefore, when you soundproof a commercial establishment or residence, you also have to “air-proof “it to an extent too..

It Is Easier to Kill the Lights than it Is the Sound: Think about a Nightclub That Features a Band
Many times people struggle with the idea of travelling sound waves as th the travel of sound is confused with the travel of light. Although both of these kinds of energy travel in a wave-type form, the waves that form light have shorter wavelengths. Therefore, light is much easier to block than sound. In other words, it is much easier to turn off the light in your home and make it look pitch black than it is for you to completely block out sound.

An Adroit Type of Energy

Unlike those nanoscopic waves of light, sounds with their lengthier wavelengths can bend around corners and manage to wriggle through the smallest crevices and portals. Not only that, waves of light only pass through a few solids, such as glass or plastic, while sound will compliantly penetrate through almost all solids without avail and come through closures with seemingly the greatest of ease.

A Quick Way to Communicate

For instance, sound is able to travel through solid steel almost 15 times more quickly than through a gas or air. Engineers know, who build tunnels, that banging on metal is the swiftest way to communicate with their peers as it is the fastest, most efficient way to transmit sound.

Ways to Reduce the Level of Sound

If you want to stop the assault of sound, noise-reduction headphones are an alternative. Or, if you are close to the source of the sound, you might just attempt to turn off or kill the loudness. If that cannot happen, you might want to distance yourself from the source.

Soundproofing – Effective and Reliable

Naturally, any music that you play or any airplanes that are travelling overhead make it necessary to seek more drastic measures. You can either soundproof your home with sound-arresting products such as acoustic flooring, acoustic doors, sound-filtering wall panels and ceiling panels or choose to move to a quiet, bucolic spot in the country. If you cannot afford to move, then soundproofing your residence or business is the next best option.

The Cheapest Soundproofing Method

Obviously, the cheapest way to nix any sound is to soundproof your head with block-out, noise reduction headphones. Unfortunately, using those headphones will not make your home more saleable if you plan to sell your real estate or want to add any value to the value of your property.

A Pleasant Place to Work and Relax

You simply cannot afford not to take advantage of soundproof-type materials and items if you want to make any headway in making your living space as soundproof as possible. Keeping things quiet cannot always be facilitated to your satisfaction but the materials used today can go a long way toward making an area a pleasant place to work or relax.

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