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Overcoming the stairs is difficult and tiring when it comes goods transportation: at the time of moving loads, which can also exceed the weight of your body, it is important to respect the operator’s physical health and occupational safety regulations.

There are various types of stair climbers on the market to facilitate and optimise the work of operators involved in the transport of loads. The primary objective is, in fact, to free the operators from physical effort while avoiding the risk of accidents.Obviously, the transport of goods is also safer, and damage is avoided.

In addition, a reliable stair-climber system makes the delivery of goods more effective, since it no longer requires the use of the “second man” who can be used in another job. Stair climbing robot use is indicated in the logistics and transportation sectors in general, where speed, reliability, and flexibility are required, in addition to safety.

There are different models of electric stair climbers, which differ according to the size, load capacity and various characteristics of each robot.

For example, Zonziniis a company that for over 40 years, has developed and established itself as a producer of electric stair climbing trolleys that meet all transport needs.DOMINO AUTOMATIC is the leading producer of this company: with Domino, it is possible to climb and descend with safety stairs of any type and shape.The special tracks are stainproof and scratch-resistant and can be used on all kinds of floors.Domino can also be used outdoors on rough routes such as grass, gravel, soil, etc. without asking the operator to keep the load balanced.

In conclusion, in order to guarantee safety and less fatigue, an electrical STAIR CLIMBING is just what is needed, especially for those who transport very heavy and cumbersome loads and do not have at their disposal a team of persons responsible for moving these loads: removals companies, vending machines sellers and also for those who work in the delivery of household appliances.

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