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The Optimistic Future Of HR Technology

The Optimistic Future Of HR Technology

Due to the rapid technology regarding HR, the future of HR technology is looking brighter than ever. Little paperwork is required regarding data collection and basic human procedures because of the innovative technology available. If not already, file cabinets will look like ancient fossils in the workplace. They are outdated, bulky and archaic.

Professional staffing companies are updating their software to simplify the hiring process. As well as implementing beneficial enrollment software designed to benefit their employees.

HR technologies like Employee Onboard Software, simplifies the process of integrating new employees by eliminating annoying paperwork associated with new hires. When hired, the employee can just complete the requirements the software requests, eliminating the need for unnecessary paperwork.

Another HR technology new to hit the market is called Knockri. It’s an AI software than helps reduce biases and shortlists ensuring the best candidates available for the position. Software programs like HRIS gives employers and employees access to make any changes deemed necessary to their personal information. Professional staffing companies or HR agencies alike can now create an accurate short-list of qualified applicants, eliminating the hassles of screening unqualified applicants.

Simplifying all of your basic human resources processes, keeps your HR agency organized and efficient. Keeping employers on track with all of their companies data information in one system is worth the investment by itself.

HR technology and the Blockchain platform can change how business is done by validating transactions approved by multiple members validating it’s space on the blockchain. Even though the blockchain technology is fairly new, its application regarding and HR agency will change the way it’s business is done.

Here’s some ways this HR technology can make a major impact regarding the hiring process. Say an employer needs to validate the information given to them from a potential employee.

A lot of times they just outsource this task to a verification company, saving them costly time and energy. With the blockchain technology implementation, the universities can just enter the individuals credentials onto the blockchain. Once the prospect’s credentials are confirmed by other members who validates it, then no further validation is required. This ensures a faster recruitment process and decision making regarding employment.

Think about how this technology can affect the dynamics of how human resources is conducted. For example, when you’re paid from your employer, the company has to submit their payroll file to the bank. The bank then processes this file and withdraws the money out of the company’s bank account to deposit it in the accounts of their employees. A few days can go by before the money is moved to the appropriate accounts. In some places that don’t offer direct deposit, the employers will receive a paper check, that they then have to submit to their bank, which will take a couple of days to clear. Even if they cash it at their employer’s bank, the have to hassle with time and transportation concerns.

Either way, you’re using a middleman to maneuver your earned money. Information is then stored into a database which is owned by their servers. Unfortunately, the bank charges for the facilitation of this transaction. With this innovative HR technology available, the facilitation of a “trusted third-party” isn’t a factor anymore within the transaction.

The captured activity is now on the blockchain ensuring the transaction is authentic and validated. There are many companies today who are transitioning with HR technology. The next generation of HR technology will be cloud based. With the cloud implementation rapidly expanding, people management servicing will increase tenfold.

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