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The Negev-Israel’s Hidden Gem with a Unique Touch of Splendour

Negev-IsraelThe Negev extends to the southern area of Israel and makes about half the land area of Israel. The region is hugely a desert and thus sparsely populated. This does not mean the Negev has not had its part in thousands of years of history that make Israel. In fact, Abraham is believed to have constructed his home around the Be’er Sheva while the Nabateans went across the Negev on their camel caravans full of vital trade commodities. This is the reason why the Negev among many other reasons still remains a major tourist site in the area. Since the dawn of time, lots of famous individuals and cultures have called the Negev home, such as the Ottomans, Nabateans, Byzantines, Edomites, Philistines, Canaanites, Israelites and nomads.

Low rainfall

The reason the region of the Negev is termed as a desert is mostly due to low rainfall that falls annually around the year, which is below 200mm annually. The region is also divided into a range of regions such as the Be’er Sheva Arad, mountain ridge at the middle and Eilat and Arava towards the centre, among others. The Negev might be barren in many times of the year with dry river beds, desolate expanses, but the nature in the Negev is one of the most surprising. For instance, during the winter times, the Negev desert is surprisingly full of fascinating flowers and red anemones. Heavy storms can also bring about flash flood in most of the riverbeds in the area.

It goes without saying the desert gateway is the Negev offering nature corners that are very charming, including archaeological and historical sites as well as springs, including agricultural compounds remains.  Tourism in the Negev is a reality and it is widely ventured into by lots of individuals on all-terrain cars, bicycles and even on foot.

All terrain or jeep vehicle tours

To experience the Negev in one of the most significant ways you need to use an All Terrain Vehicle or Jeep to tour the region in a very personal way. Lots of wonderful tours offering this service are strewn around and you can use any of them for a wonderful time. Normally you can ask for Jeep tours in any accommodation point if you have not made your own plans.


The fortress mountain top of Masada is one of the most visited locations in Israel and once you arrive there you realize why. With Dead Sea towards the South the rocky ancient plateau is well known as the place housing a gigantic fortress mostly the work of the Great King Herod including the huge number of Jewish rebels who decided to go for mass suicide rather than give in to the advancing Romans.  Sunrise visits are some of the best in this part of the Negev.

 Camel Rides are real

For those looking for a more leisure way of discovering the Negev, camel rides are a fun-filled option. Tourists will love it and the Mamshit Camel Farm is one of the places you can

hire a camel, including the Kfar Hanokdim found between Masada and Aerad really travel to Israel is great expriance. Other places worth visiting in the Negev include the Timna Park, The Ramon Crater, Ein Avdat and Kibbutz Sde Boker among others.

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