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The Increasing Importance Of Good Software Engineers

These days most industries rely on technology in some way. This means that the state of the IT industry has a significant impact on the progress that other industries can make.

Technology is present in practically every industry you can think of. Distribution firms rely on computer systems to receive, store, pick and distribute their stock. Even garages now rely heavily upon computers to help them to diagnose problems with the vehicles they service and maintain, which now, typically, contain several onboard computers. These days, practically any firm you can think of needs good systems in order to operate efficiently. This means that they indirectly or directly, heavily, reliant on the skills of IT professionals.

The Increasing Importance Of Good Software Engineers

The skill set of all IT professionals is important. However, without good software engineers virtually every change a company wanted to make to their processes would be an insurmountable problem.

Software engineers provide the means for existing systems and technologies to interface with each other. The efficiency of the front and back end of any system, as well as in the middle are completely reliant on the efficiency of software. In addition, it is software that provides the interface between the user and the system.

Good Quality Software is Vital

A recent, comprehensive survey carried out by Mortimer Spinks and Computer Weekly called the Tech Survey 2013, served to highlight the important role that software engineers play. Just over a quarter of those that responded to the survey stated that they saw the role of software engineers as growing in importance.

Increasing Salaries for Software Engineers

The survey also found that the salaries being offered to software engineers had increased during 2012. A trend that looks set to continue for at least the next few years.

The Increasing Importance Of Good Software Engineers

Increasing Opportunities for Software Engineers

Other studies have shown that there are also more opportunities for software engineers, especially those with experience. IT job boards like the one at are full of software engineer vacancies.

Interestingly, many firms are choosing the option of bespoke, in-house software systems rather than buying off the shelf software. They are increasingly recruiting software engineers to work exclusively for them building software for their specific firm.

The fact that the software is designed for their particular company means that there are no compromises needed. Firms no longer need to change the way they do things to accommodate the software they use. They can work as they choose and make sure that all changes to their processes are done purely for sound business reasons.

The cost of employing an in-house software engineer is significant, but for many firms the cost is worth it. Having a dedicated software engineer usually pays for itself many times over.

This trend for in-house software engineers is having other knock on benefits. It is allowing engineers to be more innovative and come up with new ways of doing things. They are able, and free to, think outside the box and develop systems that are not simply a tweak of an old way of doing things. This way of working produces software that is more efficient.  Many big software houses are noticing and using in their own off the shelf software. This fresh injection of ideas is leading to the creation of better software for everyone.

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