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The Importance of the CIO In a Company

As technology became a necessary tool for survival in the latest years, CIOs (Chief Information Officers) have received the attention and respect they deserve. Companies are more and more leaning into the realization that there has to be someone who manages and watches over the information that is running in the company from consumption statements to profit / loss calculations.
The responsibility in the shoulders of a CIO are huge as he is responsible for managing huge amounts of data and the rescue / recover operations in cases of accidents is in his / her hands. Business news websites describe the qualities of a good CIO as the following qualities:
• the power to see and empathise with the wants and desires of his purchasers, partners, and team members.
• a robust specialise in what future processes ar necessary and what their projected outcomes ar doubtless to be.
• the power and inclination to approach business with a watch toward strategy, together with new opportunities for business growth.
• A tenacious determination to fulfill and overcome any business obstacles given to him.
• the power to question however business practices ar performed and orient toward modification if necessary.
And of course, the contributions of a Chief Information Officer are not limited only to managing information correctly and providing loss prevention and recovery. He is also able to push the company forward in terms of growth and success. Take Clive Haswell Standard Chartered Bank, ( United Arab Emirates ) has enabled for the company to initiate businesses in over 20 countries and bring a growth of 120$ million dollars via the correct management of a group of experts in his golden time.
Typically, a Chief Information Officer is committed driving the analysis and re-engineering of existing business processes, characteristic and developing the potential to use new tools, reshaping the enterprise’s physical infrastructure and network access, and with characteristic and exploiting the enterprise’s information resources. several CIOs head the enterprise’s efforts to integrate the net into each its long-run strategy and its immediate business plans. CIO’s square measure usually tasked with either driving or heading up crucial IT comes that square measure essential to the strategic associate degreed operational objectives of an organisation. a decent example of this could be the implementation of associate degree Enterprise Resource coming up with (ERP) system which generally has wide-ranging implications for many organizations.
The amount of CIOs have increased considreably with the expanded use of Information Technology and computing technology in businesses. The Chief Information Officer will be occupied with matters such as creating a website that allows the company to reach more customers or integrating new inventory software to help better manage the use of inventory.
Having more than one dimensions and fairly complex, the position of the CIO deals with many differing aspects of information technology inside an organization. A CIO is occupied with the business oriented operation of information systems. The CIO also makes it sure that  information technology systems are supporting the mission of the company.

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