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The Idiots Guide To Business Branding In 2014

The Idiots Guide To Business Branding In 2014
Once you’ve come up with an amazing business idea, and you’re confident the concept has the potential to become very successful, it will be time to start thinking about your route to market. This will involve numerous aspects like advertising, finding distributors, and most importantly; branding. Many people find the idea of dealing with the latter issue on their own incredibly troublesome, which is why they tend to call in the experts. However, I believe the way you brand your business should reflect the way in which your business works, so with the right advice, there’s no reason why you all can’t do this in house.
With that in mind, if you’ve got a couple of minutes today and you’re willing to to learn a little more about the subject, spend a moment or two reading through all the information I’ve included under this section. I’m confident you’ll soon realise that branding is one of the easiest elements to your business design, and one you should be able to complete without the assistance of external parties. Branding is a personal thing to your firm, and so the person who understands most about it should be the one to make the final decision – that’s you by the way!

Selecting The Perfect Company Name

Depending on how you want to be perceived, you should select the ideal company name accordingly. If you’re a modern thinking progressive firm, then opt for something short, possibly humorous, and simple…like “Apple”. If you’re a traditional business making and selling traditional products or services, try to opt for something with a little more beef that describes your company a little better. Maybe in the same vein as “The DIY Specialist”. Do you catch my drift?

Creating Your Company Logo

Unless you’ve got some kind of experience in graphic design, you should probably hire someone with a relevant qualification to design your logo, but make sure you have them come down to the office to find out exactly what you want. Also, once you’ve settled on your final logo choice, make sure you pay to have it protected so nobody else can use the image. You’ll find some great companies that assist with trademark registration services in London, Manchester and every other UK city by simply searching online.

Tailoring Your Social Media Presence

Every company, regardless of which industry they exist within, needs to have a presence on social media platforms these days. You’ll have to spend some time each week scheduling posts and working out exactly what you want to say to your audience, so make sure it reflects the image you want to promote for your business. You’ll probably want your logo somewhere on the page, but concentrate on making it look professional and writing text that truly reflects your brand.
So there you have it guys; a guide so basic and simple even an idiot could follow it. I could obviously get more technical, but at the end of the day, why overcomplicate an otherwise simple subject?

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