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The Different Types Of Hot Printing Foils Used

There are different types of HotPrinting foils that are used for the purpose. This is one of the three most essential elements required for printing apart from the die and the stuff on which the printing is to be made. It is basically the alternative for ink or paint which is used in other traditional printers. Serving the same purpose as the ink printers, the foil in the hot printers is a thin film that has layers of color coated on its surface. This color coating of the foil is transferred to the product to be printed through hot stamping.

The Different Types Of Hot Printing Foils Used

The Layers Of Foils

Foils used in HotPrinting usually have three different functional layers. There is a clear film which forms the carrier on which the color pigment is to be laid. This film is so made that it is not transferred to the stuff printed during hot stamping. There is then the main layer which is where you can see the actual color which is formed by the pigmented sediments on the carrier layer. This particular layer can be also made up of Metallica foils which are created by vacuum metallizing process in which thin layers of microns of pigmented aluminums are spread on the carrier layer. The third layer is the releaser which bonds the colored sediments onto the product with the glue in it when it is activated by heat.

Types Of Foil

There are different types of foils available likePigment Foil,Holographic Foil,and Metallized Foil, Effects Foil. You can also get Signature Panels and Scratch-Off as well. Out of all the available foils, metallized foils are best known and most used for its shiny and bright metallic look to the finished product. You can not only get silver and golden colors in it but it is also available in rainbow of colors as well.

Features Of Other Foils Used

The pigment foil is used mostly on plastic and paper materials and is typified for their non-metallic and flat coloring. These foils can also have different effects like stripes and sparkles, stone and wood grain effects, holographic patterns, light diffractions and much more. Hologram foils are used for ID and credit cards, security seals and other purposes. The scratch off foil is used to conceal and deliver pin numbers, prizes and on recharge coupons. You can also have your signature imprinted on your visa card by hot printing a signature panel.

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