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The Best Risks to Take with Your Summer Style

The Best Risks to Take with Your Summer StyleWe all want to go a little wild during the summer. The weather is hot, we are using our vacation time and want to spend all our nights on the beach with a margarita in hand. Although you might not be able to completely let loose, there are some ways you can let your wild side show through your fashion.

The key is picking one aspect to focus on and not letting every style rule go out the window. You can show some of your flair in tiny doses to get your fix of fun this summer. Here are some of the best risks to take with your style this summer.

Show a little more skin

Now that it is getting warmer outside, the first thing you want to do is shed some of those winter layers. You can do it strategically to add mystery and sex appeal to your look. A popular trend this year is to wear a colored or patterned bra underneath a low cut or sheer top. Having a great designer bra peak through your top will catch everyone’s eye and leave them wondering what other surprises you have up your sleeve.

Mix your colors and prints

No more do you have to stick to solid neutral colors like you did during the winter time, its time to spice things up. Summer is a great time to mix patterns and colors that wouldn’t work well against the snowy backdrop of winter. When mixing patterns, remember to keep the same color pallet so things don’t get too crazy. If you want to add visual interest, make one of the patterns texture based, like a raised pinstripe, and the other color based, like a big floral pattern. This will make everyone take a second look to ask you where you got your outfit.

Wear a white bathing suit

It seems like a super-daring risk to take, but white swimwear is growing in popularity every year. There are some high-quality fabrics that are less opaque, so you don’t need to worry about anything showing through when it gets wet. Additionally, a white swim suit will set off your tan and make your skin glow. Prep with a sunless tanner before you hit the beach for a dramatic effect.

Dress up your shorts

Last season’s style of the dressy short is coming back bigger than before. Everyone is switching from the mini skirt to an equally sexy pair of dressy shorts for their big night out. Find a pair in a high-quality fabric, like satin, that you will be able to dress up and dress down. The best part is that you can pair them with tights and ankle boots for the colder months, so you never have to stash away your dressy shorts. If the look still feels too casual for you, remember to pair them with a silky, flowing top and heels for a dramatic, dressed up look. Add some bold jewelry and you will be ready for any even that summer throws your way.


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