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The Best Places to Stay While on Tour in Istanbul

Before taking a trip to Turkey, it is important to make the necessary accommodation arrangements in good time. In this regard, one should make reservations to avoid any disappointments on arrival. While choosing the most suitable hotel in Istanbul, travellers are advised to consider the quality of services offered, the location of the facility, the hospitality of the staff members and the prices charged for the services. More to this, it is recommended that one compares charges from different hotels to establish the most affordable accommodation facility. Alternatively, tourists may consider going for vacation rentals. Indeed, Istanbul presents foreigners with a number of options to choose from.

The best places to stay while on tour in Istanbul

A number of boutique hotels offer satisfactory accommodation services at affordable prices. In addition, most of these hotels offer a great view of the surrounding. As such, tourists can relax at the balconies during their free time.

Hotel Ibrahim Pasha

This small hotel was named after Suleiman, a man who had a palace within that area. The hotel is also located a short distance from the Hippodrome where chariot races were held in the past. This offers a great opportunity for tourists to visit the place and learn the history of the area. The interior of the rooms is mainly furnished with wood, making for a relaxing ambiance after a long day. The roof terrace of the hotel provides a glorious view of the famous Blue Mosque, a monument that has attracted tourists to Istanbul for many years.

Empress Zoe

Named after a Byzantine empress, the Empress Zoe offers convenience and great luxury at a fraction of the market price. Different rooms are designed to suit the varying tastes and preferences of visitors. In line with this, it is possible to find rooms of different shapes and sizes. One can either choose to stay in the fine garden suites or the much smaller rooms located in the main building. Whichever choice one makes, they can be sure of impeccable service and great hospitality.

Ayasofya Konaklari

This is arguably one of the best Istanbul hotels for romantic getaways. Indeed, the classic design of the hotel creates the romantic atmosphere that any couple may be looking for. More to this, the hotel is located in close proximity to the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace. The furniture in the hotel rooms is representative of the dying days of the Ottoman Empire, a classic design that will make one feel at home. For book lovers, a library within the building may be a great place to spend time.

Villa Denise

This luxurious and colourful hotel is located among wooden houses lined along the shores of Bosphorus suburbs. The interior design of the hotel is largely inspired by that of the Topkapi Palace. This adds spice to the feeling of grandeur that the hotel creates. In addition to the Spanish restaurant within the building, the hotel offers small kitchens for those who wish to prepare their own meals.

Kybele Hotel

This hotel is known for the decorative styles employed in the rooms. Ranging from the hanging lights to exquisite carpets, the colourful nature of the rooms is the brand of Kybele Hotel. More to this, many foreign tourists have praised the hotel for their amazing dishes.

Istanbul is awash with numerous accommodation facilities. Indeed, over the past few years, many private investors have striven to provide tourists with the best hotels and vacation rentals. As such, anyone with a Turkey visa can enjoy the various facilities available at these hotels.

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