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The Best And Worst Places To Stay In Barcelona

Going to Barcelona for some nice holidays is undoubtedly a wise decision that is becoming more and more popular between citizens from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and even America.

The Catalan capital offers a great weather, gastronomy and quality of life, but that’s not all that this great city offers to its inhabitants and visitors. This holiday destination has an added value due to its culture, history and location. It’s not all about going to the beach and eating a nice paella, you’ve got many other options like appreciating the famous modernist architectural style that was created here, represented on buildings such as Sagrada Familia or La Pedrera by Gaudí. You can also visit Dali’s museum in Figueres or go to the Montserrat Monastery.

The Best And Worst Places To Stay In Barcelona

Moreover, the city of Barcelona, which is the second biggest city in the country, also counts with an effervescent cultural scene. As it hosts two of the most important music festival in Europe and it’s also the nest of a wide range of theater productions.

As you see Barcelona combines perfectly the appeal of a cultural metropolis with a coastal holiday resort. But where should you stay when visiting this amazing city? In this post we are going to give you some tips so that you don’t ruin your holidays just for choosing the wrong accommodation.

Where to stay in Barcelona

You can either stay in a hotel or in an apartment, but choosing one or another will probably make the difference.

On one hand, the hotel will probably be more expensive as the hotel fares in the city center are usually quite high. Remember you don’t want to stay in the outskirts as you will spend too much time moving to the city center every time you want to visit a place, even if the city isn’t that big.

On the other hand an apartment will probably cost you much less, especially if you travel on group. The best apartments in Barcelona are located in the city center, just a walk away of the main sightseeing spots. Moreover, you will have access to more amenities, like a kitchen for example, giving you the option to have lunch or dinner at home if you want to, which also means saving quite a lot of money.

Where not to stay in Barcelona

At the same time, your obsession for not expending too much money can take you to places you never wanted to be. For example, are you sure you want to spend your precious holidays on some youth hostel where you will sleep on the same room as twenty other people? Are you ready for all the smells, sounds and snoring that will ruin your rest? Remember that resting properly is vital if you want to be able to enjoy the city.

Same happens with Couchsurfers. Sleeping on a couch on a flat with strangers sounds like a great plan to you? Are you going to be worried for your camera at all time? Just consider these options before living your hometown, think calmly and make the right decision as the place you sleep in will totally condition your vacations.

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