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The 7 Best Christmas Cake Flavors

Christmas is the splendid time of the year as you enjoy fabulous food and scrumptious desserts with your family and friends. The evenings are delightful and the food is astonishing making a perfect holiday. Christmas cake makes a great addition to the temptations of a mouthwatering Christmas. Christmas cake is specially designed and prepared with specific Christmas themes enriched with flavorsome ingredients and incredible creative designs. Thus, people are very excited to cakes by post and also decide which type of Christmas cake would be suitable for the evening celebrations or will be part of Christmas meal.

The 7 Best Christmas Cake Flavors

We have come up with some fascinating ideas for Christmas cake flavors that would be very pleasing to your guests and would let you enjoy Christmas with ease.

  • The Hearts and Star cake is a festive white cake with red hearts designed on it making it a lovable cake for the love birds who want to celebrate this Christmas together. This cake is very sassy not just with its Hearts and Stars pattern but also with its bakery fresh flavor of vanilla sponge with vanilla butter cream and raspberry jam. Though it looks like a cake perfect for Valentine’s Day yet its white snowy topping makes it a delectable Christmas cake choice.

  • If you have a love for various flavorsome cakes and you need to bring some diversity into your Christmas menu, then try to have this Super Sharing Sponge Cake. This massive cake holds 8 traditional and quirky sponge flavors of Victoria sponge, coffee, chocolate, Lemon, Bakewell, Chocolate and Orange, Apple Crumble, and Carrot Sponge cake. You won’t find anything like this anywhere as the cake is a luscious treat for your guests to enjoy all the flavors in a single cake.

  • Ginger bread cake is also considered a very distinct type of cake as it comes with delicate yellow icing, with a cute topping of gingerbread man, and flavored additions of chocolate sponge layered with chocolate butter cream. It is simple yet flavored dessert that you can serve to your Christmas guests’ right after dinner or lunch.

  • Layered Fruit Cake with cream frosting would be a lip-smacking cake that would surely tickle your taste buds. This cake can be of various choices of fruits like plain cake layered with raspberry, apple jam, or black current flavored layers complimented by plain white topping to melt in your mouth.

  • A starry cake for the starry Christmas eve to let you indulge in the sweet taste of chocolate flavor. This lush cake is filled with chocolate or vanilla sponge sandwiched between vanilla or chocolate butter cream and raspberry jam giving you a gorgeous sense of chocolate taste. The chocolate topping with white stars decorated on it makes it a classy Christmas cake.

  • Red Velvet Cheesecake is an elite cake flavor as it is made with sinful ingredients of cocoa, dark chocolate crust and topped with cheesecake layer giving it a creamy flavor. This luxurious cake is great for an impressive Christmas dessert.

  • Tiramisu Layer Cake is an awesome treat for tiramisu lovers as the cake serves to be a perfect choice for them. The cake is elegantly designed like a gorgeous bride with delicate layers inside and off white creamy topping. A bunch of red cherries on top makes it a decadent treat to have on Christmas.

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