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The 4 Crucial Elements Of A Cohesive Digital Marketing Campaign

An effective digital marketing strategy contains many elements that can be grouped into four major categories: strategy, presentation, personalization and follow up.

1. Develop a Sound Digital Marketing Strategy

You have a product or service. Who are you going to market it to? Knowing the demographics of your target market is the first step in developing a profitable campaign.

Once you know your market, determine where they gather on the internet. Instagram and Snapchat cater to the younger crowd, women shoppers like Pinterest and so on.

Will you primarily use paid or organic traffic? If you plan to use paid traffic, what types of ads appeal to your target audience? Who will design them? Where will you place them?

If organic traffic is your choice, who will do your SEO research and implementation? You can either build your marketing strategy on your own or get assistance from companies like Meredith Broadcast Digital Solutions.

2. Effectively Present Your Product or Service to the Internet World

Content marketing is effective because you present valuable information to your prospective clients in exchange for their attention. Post engaging content. Give the behind-the-scenes scoops about your product or service. Show your expertise.

Use good content to get interested readers or viewers to sign up to your mailing list or to ask to join your Facebook group. Offer a buyer’s guide, fact sheet or product comparison review to those who are interested in buying the type of thing you offer.

Many people research and shop using mobile devices. With this in mind, everything you present to the online public should display well on all devices. Progressive web apps (PWA), rather than native apps, are the wave of the future on mobile. PWA’s are complete website pages, designed for mobile devices, with all the capabilities of being search engine optimized.

3. Be Personable

A vibrant marketing trend on the web is to make yourself real to prospective clients.

Social media is the ideal place to show people that you are likable and approachable. They want to see your face and hear your voice. Once they come to know and trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.

Your goal should be to provide great customer service that will yield repeat, loyal customers. It’s easier to get a happy customer to repeatedly buy from you than to get a person who considers you a stranger to buy from you just once.

It’s important to continually stay in view to your followers. They have already shown an interest and if you are not there, they will find someone else to engage with. Facebook Live allows you to interact with people from all over the world in real time. Answer their questions immediately. Ask them to comment, like and share while you are still recording.

4. Follow Up Regularly

Stay in touch with your prospects and buyers. Keep presenting them with information they can use, either with a follow up email campaign, Facebook posts, Tweets, Snapchat videos or in whatever way you have planned.

Again, being personal is essential. Ask them to take a survey. Respond to their needs. Make them feel important. Show that you care.

If you incorporate these four crucial elements into your digital marking campaign—planning, giving great content, being personable and following up—you will have a well-rounded operation that will work for any online product or service.

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