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Starting A Business? 4 Professionals To Call First

Before starting any business, it’s imperative to have the right people aboard. After all, a business is nothing if there isn’t a group of people working collectively to achieve a goal or mission. While every business varies in terms of size, industry, and mission, every business is composed of and led by specific professionals who each bring their own unique skill set and field experience. Here’s four of the professionals you need to call before starting any business.


Businesses have several ongoing legal requirements they need to fulfill in order to continue doing business. In addition, occasional litigations and disputes require legal counsel and expertise to prepare beforehand in order to avoid serious implications. A business lawyer can decide on the appropriate business structure, receive legal financing from third parties, sign deals and contracts, and develop the hiring process among other things. Candidates who are also attending a college institution like ASA College to work as a paralegal can also be cost-effective options for legal counsel.

Marketing Director

A good marketing director works towards expanding brand awareness. Implementing the right marketing strategy is tantamount to high sales and profits. Moreover, the success of a company relies on a trustworthy reputation. A marketing director ensures that the brand is seen as a reputable name in its industry. The right candidate will have considerable experience in different marketing strategies including web development, print and broadcasting advertisement, and trade show hosting.


Bringing in an accountant can help make sure that your finances are well-managed and monitored. Budget management is often a tricky ongoing process that requires hands-on attention. An accountant can organize the flow of transactions that can reduce cases of fraud and embezzlement by making sure the data acquired is accurate.

Product Manager

Before a business gains any sort of traction, they need someone to bring a product or service to life. A product manager can assume control over product development. They are trained and experienced in grasping and demonstrating why a product or service matters to its intended consumer market. They also get involved in how the product is manufactured, and in the process make arrangements to minimize the cost of manufacturing.

Starting a business without these four professionals leaves your company vulnerable to key issues. Make sure to find the right people before making any substantial investments of time and money towards a business otherwise you might be committing substantial limited resources to a business that can crumble at any given time.

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