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St. Patrick’s Day In Dublin

Ireland is a land of mystery and unmatched spirit where it seems that anything can happen. The Feast of St. Patrick occurs annually on 17 March and commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Wearing green clothes and the shamrock is customary. Talking green and St. Patrick’s Day, you probably know that the City of Chicago dyes a part of the Chicago river green on St. Patrick’s Day, the Sidney Opera House, Irish Parliament building, Giza Pyramids also turn green. From fantastic legends to great literary works and wonderful food the Irish certainly know how to entertain. St. Patrick’s Day is no different in this great country. With many days of celebrations before the actual day and a grand celebration on the actual day of St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin you can be sure to see it all. From great parties to fantastical parades Dublin is truly the place to immerse yourself in the wonder of St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day In Dublin

We were longing to experiences Irish spirits and this was the perfect chance for us to experience it. You will be sure to make many friends and see many great events such as the huge parade through downtown Dublin boasting many native Irish traditions and some foreign activities as well.

St. Patrick's Day In Dublin

Of course, we are talking party, so dancing is of course plentiful. Step Dancing, which has become so popular around the world, can be found in nearly every street around town. More traditional forms of dancing can be seen as well, and a great deal of dancing is incorporated into the main parade also. Other more informal forms of dancing may be seen throughout Dublin during the celebrations as well.

Dublin also offers a great deal to see and do during other seasons of the year, although these sights too become a hive of activity during the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. For instance Grafton Street, a major shopping area in Dublin, comes alive in the days before the celebrations with tourists looking to amuse themselves in the shops. Many of the pubs in the area also become quite packed due to the many visitors to the area during these times. Other sites to see include the St. Mary’s church and the writer’s museum, which honors the great writers of Ireland.

St. Patrick's Day In Dublin

If you’ve been longing for an authentic St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin as we did, then you can’t go wrong. Ireland is certainly a land of mystery and with a great deal to offer from dancing to fantastic food. Come immerse yourself in the culture of Ireland and enjoy your stay. St. Patrick’s day is a month away and there is still time to click here and there and organize your travel. Parades, parties, dancing, and more will have you in the spirit in no time. Enjoy the spirit of Ireland, dance, have fun, learn. St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin promises a good time for all who want to join in the massive celebration of this ever popular holiday.

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