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Sports Singles Trips FAQ – Covering the Basics

It’s always exciting to get away for a few days, but there’s something uniquely rewarding and indeed curious about the idea of the solo sports trip. Solo travel in all its forms is of course more popular these days than ever before, but it’s only as of relatively recently that brands like Singlesport have begun putting together outstanding sports-related packages for solo travellers.

As with most things, it’s a case of having to experience such a trip first-hand in order to be able to fully understand what it’s all about. Suffice to say, prior to departing or even booking in the first place there are several questions that tend to be asked by most, in order to clarify how it works and what to expect.


Here’s a quick overview of just a few examples to touch upon the basics:

What Exactly Are Sports Singles Trips?

In the simplest of terms, a sports singles trip is a trip organised by a specialist travel agent who creates packages created specifically for solo travellers. Instead of the usual group trips and family bookings, these agents put together specially designed trips and tour packages aimed exclusively at those travelling solo. And while there are plenty of solo holiday groups on the market right not, sports singles travel specialists create their trips around popular sports and activities.

Do You Have to Be Single In a Relationship Sense?

In a word, no. It’s a common misconception that in order to go on a solo trip of this kind you need to be single – the fact that it’s called a singles sports trip may be a bit misleading. Of course, there’s nothing to say that you cannot use these kinds of trips to make connections and perhaps indulge in a little romance – thousands are doing exactly as such right now. Nevertheless, when it comes to solo sports trips and packages like these, there’s nothing that says you must be unattached in a relationship sense as for most, it’s all about the adventure and the sports!

What Kinds of Sports Are on Offer?

The long and short of it in this instance is that pretty much any and every sport imaginable is now covered in one way or another by these sports trips for singles. Of course, some tend to be more popular than others and perhaps the number-one contender of all is that of skiing. Nevertheless, no matter what it is you’re into or at what level, chances are you’ll find it on offer somewhere if you take the time to look for it.

Are These Kinds of Trips Safe?

The safety of these kinds of trips will always come down to the way in which they are booked and approached by the respective traveller. For example, if you book through a reputable agent with a strong background in solo trips and plenty of positive feedback, chances are you won’t go far wrong. By contrast, book with the first agent you come across with little to no reputation to speak of and you’re taking a risk. Likewise, the way you conduct yourself on a singles sports trip will also play a part in your safety as while some trips may indeed be hotbeds of wild and rowdy, others will absolutely not tolerate any such antics.

What Are the Benefits of Solo Travel?

It’s not until you first head out on a solo trip that you can really gain an understanding of what it is that makes the idea so fantastic. While the social aspect of the trip and that optional romantic element speak for themselves, there’s even more to be said for the freedom of being there under your own steam without nobody else to worry about. From deciding what time you get up to planning your days to changing your plans at the last minute and so on, it’s all about you and you alone from start to finish. Of course there’s a time and a place for the company of family and friends, but there’s also a place for ‘me’ time…and plenty of it!

What If I’m Rather on the Shy Side?

Last but not least, it’s natural to assume that every last person on these kinds of trips is brimming with confidence and cannot wait to get out there and mingle. In reality however it often turns out to be quite to the contrary, with large proportions of singles tour groups consisting of shy and retiring individuals. And as there’s no better ice-breaker than being brought together to share something you’re all clearly into, there’s also no better way of meeting new people, building connections and enjoying the experience as part of a like-minded group.

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