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Small Business Tip: Choosing the Right Office Space

Young entrepreneurs are probably too busy to think hard and long about a suitable office space for their new business, as they may be primarily concerned about the business’s structure and its financing. However, choosing the right office space helps satisfy employees, management, partners and customers alike in the long term.
As there is a huge range of office spaces to let all over the country (e.g. Kingsway Manchester units to let), a few tips may be required to help self-employed make the right office-space-decisions.

Location and Area

First of all, the area where the office is located should be considered. Indeed, a businesses’ location and its neighbourhood impacts on customers’ perceptions and contributes to the image of the business. Generally, businesses with a city-centre address seem to be prosperous, therefore one may assume the business has a high success rate. However, the area should be secure, clean and well maintained, as this contributes to a welcoming atmosphere which will be appreciated by business visitors.
In order to please future employees, partners and customers, closeness to shops, restaurants, cafes, banks, or pharmacies are welcome amenities. Above that, attention should be given to available transport links (road, air and public transport) and parking possibilities near the office; characteristics that are also advantageous to please suppliers.
The existence of close parkland is a plus, which serves the aim to provide employees relaxing breaks during summer months. If the business operates within the creative industries, the demand on inspirational views and on-site gardens may be even higher.
Finally, closeness to talent pools such as universities may be beneficial, in order to attract interns, university-company co-operation and prospect employees.

The Building

Having considered the area, the building itself needs some evaluation. Here, the status of both maintenance and cleanliness is important to assure a problem-free future working environment. Generally, a quality building with high standards in terms of furniture, air-conditioning, broadband speed and other technology (e.g. video conferencing facilities) should be opted for. To manage those technical facilities, an on-site IT should also be considered.
Nowadays, office buildings should provide amenities such as a modern kitchen, bathrooms and kitchen equipment. On-site catering facilities are an absolute plus.
As a good customer service is a key ingredient for success, the building should have a staffed reception which gives visitors the right impression. Above that, security measures such as intruder alarm, CCTV coverage and security staff are necessary to create a safe working environment. To manage a fluctuating work load, the building should be accessible 24 hours a day, and disabled access and a lift ensure that everyone can access the office easily.
As most employees are noise sensitive, noise levels need to be observed and research done, if any construction work is planned nearby soon. Natural light is absolutely necessary to ensure employee’s mental and physical health.
It should be estimated how much space is needed for all employees and how the office should be shaped ideally to suit the requirements of the business. Ideally, the office space provider should offer flexibility to grow, downsize or relocate the business to meet the business’s needs. If many customer-company meetings will be needed, an appropriate meeting room may be required.

Extras and Services

Having considered all these point entrepreneurs may have found a great office space already. However, some providers offer complementary support services which may be helpful for young business especially in their early days. For instance, Kingsway Manchester Business Park (Offices to let Kingsway Business Park) offers services such as help with recruitment, training, and supply chain support.
Another addition which makes a business space very attractive, are breakout spaces such as conference possibilities and a business lounge.

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