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SEO Outsourcing – Questions To Ask Before Signing Up

Given the fact that the SEO your business needs to get by is a big responsibility, handing it over to marketing companies isn’t something that’s done lightly. The long and short of it is that their efforts and strategies will have a direct impact on the future of your business and could potentially make or break your brand as a whole. And as there’s often no coming back from an SEO campaign that sends you and your name straight down the toilet, you have little choice other than to make sure you choose right the very first time.

The good news is that despite there being tens of thousands of SEO firms out there all gunning for your business, it’s actually pretty easy to make sure you choose one that’s right for you. It’s all about knowing which questions to ask and what kinds of answer you’re looking for – include the following and you’ll be heading in the right direction:

Why You?

You shouldn’t have to go digging deep to find out what it is that makes them the brand to choose – they should do a good job of selling themselves to you. So, ask them outright why you should choose them and why they are a cut above the rest, which should prompt a detailed explanation of what it is they can offer you and where they excel. Don’t fall for answers like “Because we get the job done” or “Because our results are always superior” as you need explanations and examples to back up such vague claims to fame.

How Does Your Approach Differ Today From That of 2013?

With this question, what you’re essentially looking for is evidence that the provider under consideration is one that moves with the times, rolls with the punches and abides by the SEO rules of the day. The SEO landscape has changed largely beyond recognition since the beginning of last year alone, let alone since 2013. This should be clearly reflected and explained in their answer as to continue doing SEO at a standard or in a manner seemed suitable in 2013 could in the modern web spectrum lead to outright disaster.

How Do You Predict and Compensate for Google’s Algorithm Changes?

Predicting Google’s algorithm changes is impossible – only those working for the company itself are privy to such information. However, while it’s never been possible to predict for such changes, it is wholly possible to anticipate them and make sure you’re ready for all eventualities, at least in an SEO sense. To build a strategy which assumes things will never change is to roll the dice with fate and risk the whole thing falling to pieces practically overnight. It’s a bit like the old ‘all eggs in one basket adage’ where you have to expect and know that Google will continue moving the goalposts over time. As such, what you’re looking for in a provider is one that accepts the ever-changing SEO rulebook and doesn’t follow any strategies blindly.

What Success Stories Can you Share?

You also need to look into the success stories the marketing companies have to share with you, rather than just reading into the unverified stats and figures they reel off. They may tell you that they helped company X get from page 8 of Google to the top of page one, but did they really? And if they did, how long did they keep them there? Don’t just accept what they have to say at face value as if they’ve really got these kinds of success stories to share, chances are they’ll be more than happy to show them off.

What Do You Guarantee?

A simple one really – what kinds of guarantees are on offer in terms of the service they provide? Do they suggest they could get you and your business to a higher level, or do they offer a rock-solid guarantee that they will? Without any guarantees in place, you’re effectively rolling the dice and could come out with nothing for your investment.

And If I’m Not Happy?

And finally, be sure to ask what their policies are in the event that you aren’t happy with their services. You should never be bound to an SEO outsourcing agreement that you cannot opt out of or even claim a refund from if their promises are not kept and their services not superior. And if they’re proud and confident enough in the work they do, they should by right be more than willing to allow for such things.

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