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Scrap Stuff: Get Rid of the Useless Office Supplies

Shaped Post-it Notes: Post-it notes are good for many purposes like quick scribbling, labeling, sticking to your fridge as some reminder and more. When used in office, its usage is limited and strict to office environment. So having a regular square shaped note is recommended than using the many shapes that are now available in market. Heart shaped sticky notes or any other unusual shaped sticky notes do not look professional and your client might judge you on that. It’s better to stick to the basics and get rid of any extra sticky notes that you possess but are not using.
USB Cup Warmer: A USB cup warmer is something that has caught up on trend. It is a very unique and interesting invention; however do you really need that? You are always served with a hot cup of coffee. If you forget to have it hot, you will need the USB warmer. But what’s the guarantee that once you warm it on your USB warmer, you will not forget to have it hot again? Also most of the USB warmers come with small cable, so chances of spilling hot beverages are high. USB warmer are not microwaves. So do not expect that if you are putting a cold cup of beverage it will turn hot. Its purpose is to let the hot beverage remain hot.
Mini vacuum: You sure are worried of your office desk that gets dirty after cleaning each day. And hence you have a vacuum cleaner which you never use because using a cloth for dusting is easier. The foremost reason to get rid of a vacuum cleaner is that you do not use it effectively. A mini vacuum will occupy space permanently in your drawer. The suction power of crevice tool for keyboards is very low and they are unable to gauge in all the particles especially the larger ones. The brush tool is better than the former.
Portable Nap Bag: Though you have a good enough break to get a power nap, it doesn’t mean you carry your nap bag with you. A sleeping bag spread on the carpet not only looks tacky but also reduces your time limit to sleep. When you plan for a siesta, you would remember to use your nap bag; however by the time you would open and spread it, you would run short of time. Also a portable nap bag is short in height and breadth. You might have to adjust. They are heavy and sometimes too long too. Some sleeping bags are not even folding and carry enough weight. The other nap bags do not have a zipper which can make your nap bag dirty and bulky.
Etcetera: Our offices are full of items like giant paper clips, unsigned paper emails, paper plane launcher, mini hole punch etc. get rid of these items as they are never used; even in emergency. In the savvy era of online communication and all-in-one folders, one needs not the paperclips and punch. Many items have flocked the market that makes organizing office supplies more than easy.
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