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Hard Shell vs. Soft Shell: Jacket Type is Right for Your San Diego Business?

Choosing a custom jacket for your San Diego business can be a daunting process. There are just so many choices, from options in customization to the type of jacket. Making the process even more difficult are the many confusing terms used within the custom apparel and outerwear industry—and among the most confusing of those terms are “hard shell” and “soft shell” jackets. Don’t worry though; we are not going to leave you in the cold.

If you are trying to decide whether hard shell or soft shell jackets are right for your business, you have probably found that the terms are not as straightforward as they first appear. This is partially because there is not really an industrywide set definition of either hard shell or soft shell. However, there are some widely accepted definitions that can help you in your quest to find the perfect custom work jacket for your business.

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What is a Hard Shell Jacket?

Hard shell jackets are made from a light-weight material such as Gore-Tex and are windproof, waterproof, and breathable which forms the membrane. The membrane is sealed to other layers of material which are treated for water resistance.

Hard shell jackets are designed, primarily, to protect the wearer against wind and moist conditions. Their warmth is closely related to the layers worn under the jacket. This makes them an idea choice for workwear. The advantages of the hard shell jacket include:

  • Hard shell jackets provide the ability to add or subtract layers of warm as needed.
  • Employees stay dry and protected from the elements.
  • Branding remains visible and prominent in all weather conditions.
  • Employees retain mobility which adds to their safety and productivity.
  • Hard shell jackets are durable and affordable.
  • Hard shell jackets come in many colors and styles to match the branding needs of your business.
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Ideal to use all year.

What is a Soft Shell Jacket?

Soft shell jackets are soft, flexible, and air permeable jackets designed to provide light warmth. Soft shell jackets combine the benefits of a soft woven material with many of the benefits of a hard shell. The material allows moisture from extreme activity to escape while repelling moisture from rain. While typically not thought of as “waterproof”, new technologies allow makers to create soft shell jackets that are virtually weather resistant. The jackets are designed with high activity in mind and the styles reflect that in with a more closely tailored look. Within the soft shell category of jackets are many choices that Impact the degree of wind and water resistance, even to the point of high water resistance and water proofing.

Like the hard shell jacket, soft shell jackets are thin and designed for extreme mobility and high activity levels. Because of this, soft shell jackets are another excellent choice for custom work apparel in San Diego. Here are some of the important advantages:

  • Soft shell jackets are lightweight enough to wear year round in the mild San Diego climate.
  • The soft shell jacket is designed for high mobility and the demands faced in sporting activities. This makes them ideal for jobs requiring a high degree of mobility.
  • The tailored cut of soft shell jackets makes them safer for the workplace.
  • Business branding remains visible and not covered by employees own outerwear.
  • Soft shell jackets are easily customizable with embroidered logos and taglines.
  • Because soft shell jackets are so popular across many industries and activities, they come in a wide range of styles and colors. This makes it easy to find the style and color that best represents your brand.
  • The long-term popularity of soft shell jackets has allowed for the development of many options in features.
  • The breathability of soft shell jackets makes them easy and comfortable for work activities.
  • Since the soft shell jacket is durable and economical, they are perfect for workwear outerwear.

Which is right for your San Diego Business?

Both hard shell and soft shell jackets offer the advantage of being an excellent choice for highlighting your brand with custom embroidery. Both types of jackets offer protection from the elements, a high degree of mobility, and a wide range of features. When it comes down to choosing which jacket is right for your business, you must weigh the features against the type of job that the employee performs. Odds are, that here in San Diego, a soft shell jacket is all you need. 99% of the jackets we sell are soft shells – they are hugely popular in San Diego.

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