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Samsung Galaxy S7: Release Date, Specs and Features

Samsung is one of the famous mobile devices around the world; Galaxy S progression is customer’s selection. The main review about the Samsung Galaxy mobile is that this smart phone been sold nearly two hundred million. This review has taken after launching the Samsung S5 mobile device, Samsung S7 and Samsung S6 will not be included in the sales market. Now the people will have more interest to know about the releasing date of Samsung Galaxy S7. Any additional information would be available on the Galaxy S7 official website, but the people will not stop to search the website for gathering information about the new Samsung mobile device.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Specs and Features

Galaxy S7 Release Date

No one can know the exact date for release Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile. People are very eager to know when the phone is going to get launched. The people will expect this fresh and new Samsung Galaxy S7 to be launched in the year of 2016 during the first week, but this is not yet confirmed. This was the expectation of customers. Most of the people would not satisfy from the specs, so for that reason people will move on to Samsung mobile devices. Therefore the main goal of Samsung mobile device developer is to increase the company profit through the Samsung Galaxy S7. Thus, people could expect the Samsung Galaxy S7 that could get the mass hit on the world market in the upcoming year of 2016. Only this little information has been taking place in Samsung Galaxy website.

Internal Design of S7

The biggest expectation of customer is releasing time of Samsung Galaxy S7, they will have too much anticipation about that mobile device, and the main cause of this expectation is Galaxy S6. Most of the people expect this new mobile device would have a four Giga Bytes RAM. The initial android mobile device has sixty-four bit processor along with 3.5 Giga Hertz power, this was the fastest mobile device in the early days. For those reasons people will guess a fresh Samsung Galaxy S7 is very fast and provide high performance when compared to previous one. Most of the customers will imagine this Galaxy S7 could have 128 Giga Bytes of core memory, because Galaxy S6 has the same memory power, so the people will expect this one for Galaxy S7.

Special Features

There are some features that have been rumored about the Galaxy S7 through the competitors and previous mobile version. This may have an awesome Amoled display screen, which have five inches with 4k. There is no problem about the water, because the people will imagine this mobile device will get manufactured through well equipped tools and technologies. Most of the mobile companies holding around 4G internet connection, but Galaxy S7 would have 5G internet connections; this is the expectation of many customers. This may be giving very fast and awesome WIFI network to improve the network connectivity.

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