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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 To Set All New Records

With the launch of Galaxy Note 4, Samsung is already making sales record. Note 4 is powered with 3GB RAM, 2K resolution display and more.

The camera configuration is also interesting. It has 16MP primary sensor. The front camera has received a 3.7-megapixel resolution. With it, you can make excellent self-portraits. Unless you use the automatic mode, it does not work perfectly. When shooting with front camera you can use a wide-angle mode. It has consistently created three frames, after which they are sewn in the manner of the panorama.

Smartphone learned to write video in 4K-resolution. Just bear in mind that the files at the same time have a huge weight. Therefore, in some cases it is better to use good old resolution Full HD.

“Camera” application is very functional. If describe all possible, then it will take too much time. Mention only that the owner of Phablet has available exposure compensation, change ISO and white balance, as well as shooting in HDR options. Photo quality is above all praise, particularly for the macro.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 To Set All New Records

The device is able to operate in the new LTE-networks, the data transmission rate which is theoretically reaches 200 or more Mbit / s.  Under the body of Phablet is Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 805, complete with graphics accelerator Adreno 420. The clock frequency of the chip is 2.7 GHz. There is also another version of the smartphone, which lies within the processor Exynos 5433. The speed is great on both versions of the device experience is not necessary. Also worth noting is the presence of three gigabytes of RAM. It is perfectly suited for the device offers a complete multitasking.

For storage, you have 32 GB of internal memory. Against the background of the maximum version of iPhone 6 Plus is very small. Do not compare the situation and we have a slot for memory cards. Under the back cover is the battery capacity reaches 3220 mAh. Its full charge lasts for 20 hours of talk time. In any case Phablet has enough energy for at least a full day of work. Some undemanding owners will only charge it every other night.

In the box with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a smart charger. It is able to achieve a 50-percent battery charge in just half an hour! Only then the charging process continues in the usual way.

We have no complaints in terms of voice. You’re good to hear the interlocutor, as he will. Overall, the Samsung device has turned out excellent. That’s just impossible to recommend it to everyone.

Even if you agree to put 750 USD – a lot of times to think, phablet lovers draw or write by hand. It is also necessary for those who can’t live without a full multi-tasking. Only such people should look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you do not want to own a smartphone with a large screen or even think about the stylus, then look at the other flagships. And we hope that Samsung will bring definitely a revolution by upcoming launches like Galaxy S7.

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