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Romantic Decorating Ideas For Your Wedding Aisle

You will never forget walking down the wedding aisle on your big day. It is one of the moments you have probably dreamed about since you were a little girl. When it comes time to decorate the aisle you have many choices that will make your special day even more romantic and memorable.

If you are looking for an uncomplicated task, consider making enough paper lanterns to attach one to each guest’s chair. Ideally, your paper lanterns should be your wedding color. If you are doing a combination of colors, such as blue and white you’d make blue paper lanterns and use thick white ribbons to make a bow you can attach the lantern to the chair with.

Romantic Decorating Ideas For Your Wedding Aisle

There is also the option of using clear mason jars with a ribbon in your wedding color tied around each one. When having your wedding ceremony in a church this is one of the easiest ways to decorate the aisle. Place flowers in each Mason jar and use the ribbon to tie one to the end of each pew.

Some wedding are casual while others are serious and this calls for different decorating styles. To remind your guests that your wedding is a serious one decorating the aisle can be done by placing tall flower arrangements of baby’s breath or some other flower choice in white as white is the color most often associated with serious weddings. You can line the aisle with a floral arrangement at the end of each row of seats with matching petals scattered in between them.

The best part of decorating your wedding aisle this way is that once the ceremony is over the flower arrangements can then be used as table centerpieces at your reception. Just make sure you don’t put the arrangements too high or your guests may accidentally bump them with their burning wedding sparklers if you happen to be using them during your ceremony.

For an outdoor wedding a great way to decorate the aisle is to scatter flower petals the entire length of it. The petals should stop just before you step under the altar. This gives your guests more visual stimulation as they watch you walk down the aisle. Scattering the petals in a straight line is the easiest option, but if you can find a florist who can handle it, have your wedding aisle decorated in hearts formed using the petals. Another option, if you are really looking to keep it simple, is to simply take white daisies, put them on a stake and insert each stake into the grass at end of each row of seats.

A beach wedding makes it fun and easy to decorate your aisle because the perfect choice is glass vases filled with seashells. Lining the aisle with these can be done quickly and can serve as a memento of your wedding day. To add to the ambience of a beach wedding you can place oversized vases filled with seashells on each side of your altar.

Decorating your wedding aisle can be rewarding and allows you to use your creativity to make your wedding day as romantic as you choose. Aisle decorations can take your wedding decorations from ordinary to amazing with very little money and very little effort.

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