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Risk Assessment: 4 Building Security Mistakes That Companies Should Avoid

Building security is a necessity that is worth your time and energy. Even if the security alarm never goes off, giving off a warning to all potential thieves and trespassers. Make sure that your business is not an easy target for anyone to spot from miles away. Develop a security plan that actually works and not one that can be easily bypassed by an experienced thief. Avoid making these 4 mistakes as you secure your building.

1. Over-complicating Your Security

You cannot invest in a security system that you and few other people know how to use. You will never benefit from a product that is too complicated to implement properly. Don’t overshoot the simple things by spending too much money on systems that come with too many bells and whistles. Find the right security system that anyone important can use to the fullest potential.

2. Lack of Identity Verification

Identifying every person who enters the building is a highly effective security measure. You do not have to watch security cameras or hire guards to monitor the building for hours at a time. Biometric technology is the human-free approach to checking identities. Install a door that does not open unless the person scans his or her authorized card. You can also consider a verification kiosk that works using biometric scans of retinas or fingerprints.

3. Not Securing the Most Vulnerable Parts of the Buildings

Each building has certain areas that are at high risk for security breaches. In a bank, it is the room that holds the safe. In a school, more security is needed in large public areas, such as the student center or library. In a grocery store, the greatest risks are found in the cash exchange areas. It would be wise to install cameras to monitor the exit and entry of your building. According to Hartman Income REIT, emergency exits are not only vital for emergencies, but they’re also a good place for a person to sneak in.

In any building, place safety above aesthetics. Secure the building effectively by knowing what works and what does not. In some places, all you need are security cameras, but the needs vary in each building. Despite the cost and complexity, make sure your building is safe at all times. Invest time and money into this issue because your employee and customer safety should be at the forefront of your concern.

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