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Relocating Your Office Space? 3 Tips To Safely Transporting Your Company's Electronics

Relocating Your Office Space? 3 Tips To Safely Transporting Your Company's Electronics

Whether your business is large or small, relocating all of the physical assets for your business can be a logistics nightmare. The most delicate tools of your business will be your electronics. To ensure safe transporting of your electronic assets, consider using one or more of these tips.

Mountains of Boxes

You may have noticed that when you purchase a brand new electronic, it is almost always packaged in a box. That’s because cardboard is the best material in which to pack delicate electronics that are sensitive to static electricity. Not only does it provide cushioning and protection, it also doesn’t produce static electricity which can damage electronics.

Though time-consuming, packing your business electronics into boxes using anti-static bubble wrap would give your electronics plenty of protection for the move. This would also allow you to stack them neatly for efficient moving and easy unloading once the truck has reached its destination. Simply pack the electronics into their respective boxes, tape the boxes closed to secure them, and label the boxes as “FRAGILE” while indicating which electronic is within each box.

Roughing It by Bundling It

The best way to move the electronics for your company really depends on its size. If you have a small company consisting of just a handful of employees with one room full of electronics, you may be able to rough it by bundling it. This simply means that instead of spending extra money on boxes, packing tape, and a large moving truck, you can simply transport your electronics in a car, SUV, or van.

To keep your company’s electronics protected, you can bundle your electronics individually in newspaper or anti-static bubble wrap and stack them carefully in the back seat or back hatch of your vehicle. The newspaper and bubble wrap will act as cushioning while preventing static charges from forming. If you have a larger company with a copious amount of electronics, your best bet might be a professional moving company.

When in Doubt, Trust a Professional Moving Company

Save yourself the hassle of packing your electronics and optimize your time by delegating the transport of your company’s electronics to a professional moving company such as Bekins Van Lines Inc. Moving companies have years of experience handling delicate and expensive items. Most professional moving companies are bonded, licensed, and insured to cover any damage or mishaps that may occur to your items during packing or moving. This can add some peace of mind to your hectic relocation.

While you’re going through your bundling or packing frenzy, do keep in mind that the unpacking and setting up of your electronics will be made ten times easier if you pack all accessories with their corresponding electronic device. You can purchase anti-static bags in which to store these accessories during the move as well.

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