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Reinvigorating Your Business: Top Tips For Drawing In New Customers

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Does it seem like the only people coming through your business doors are the same return customers you’ve always had? If that’s true and it is not enough to keep your business on top, how do you find ways to entice new customers to give you a shot? For an innovative business owner there are plenty of ways to get discussion going and create a local buzz about what you offer. In this article, we will look at some affordable and low effort tips your business can employ to boost foot traffic.

Expand your Boundaries

Where do you advertise? If the internet was not one of the first three things that popped into your head – that needs to change. Whether it be search engine placement, targeted banner ads or social media, find a way to get your name out there. Today’s customer base spends so much time on the internet, and you need to understand those customers and where they spend their time online to best target them. Having an active social media profile is also a must. Find a way to lure followers or subscribers to your page where they can see details on your business and special offers that only online followers are offered.

Give something away

It’s true, people absolutely love anything free. Start the hype about your contest on your social profile and do whatever it takes to spread the word. Make sure people need to walk through your doors to enter the contest. Once they come in, blow them away with your service and fun atmosphere. Even if the customer had no plans of buying something when they came in, you might win their future business – which is the goal. Fun contests get everyone talking, providing a potential huge lift for your business.

Put on a Sale!

This might sound overly simple – well, it is – but a good sale will bring in new customers. Lower the price of some of your more enticing products or services, or just discount everything for a limited time and promote the heck out of it. Selling something at a discount is far more beneficial than it sitting on your shelf.

Cut it out!

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to bring in some fresh blood is by sending out an enticing coupon or two. Put them in the mail, online or in your local Sunday newspaper. However you do it, make it good enough for them to want to cut it out and check out what you offer with their own eyes.

Get involved in the Community

Take part in local events, whether it is sponsoring a softball tournament or showing up at a charity event, this will help you gain name recognition among the local crowds. Additionally, it will help you network with other local business owners.

Be Rewarding!

Offer customers a reward program that differentiates you from the competition. Not only will it bring in new faces, reward programs keep them coming back. Also, offering some sort of referral bonus is another way you can be promoted without having to lift a finger.

Just be your Awesome Self

You can never overestimate how far good customer service goes. If you treat all of your customers the right way people will find out about it. Word of mouth is a powerful agent. Give every customer an experience to remember each time they walk through your doors.

If you have been in this position before and found similar ways to bring in new customers, please share them with us in the comments below!

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