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Reasons To Love Whatsapp

Everyone must have sat and for at least once wondered, how did WhatsApp get so popular? No advertisements, or any kind of official launch, or for that matter anything else. Yet, currently it continues to be the first and the best messaging app!

It has surpassed all others of its kind. From viber to hike, or Facebook as well. WhatsApp seems to have no match for the kind of services it provides us with. No drama, no worries, its all cool messaging and voice calls along with clips and other sharing facilities.

Reasons To Love Whatsapp

Facts about Whatsapp

However, there are always some features or may be assets that has helped WhatsApp reach such a position right now. WhatsApp seems to have so much competition and yet none at all. People are growing crazy for Whatsapp Status day-by-day.WhatsApp remains to get the undivided set of attention, that no other apps manage to get for themselves. But one question remains, exactly how?

•Its may be because WhatsApp came at a time when mobile phones and its like had just got into regular use. After a time when having a mobile phone was a matter of honor, obviously WhatsApp had got a lot of attention. Its basically about being the first. There was no other like it at that time. No allies, and hence such achievements! Being the first always has advantages.

• WhatsApp offers the most simplest of all using technique. Even the first time seems to be very simple, and is hassle free. It has no login requirements, or any such kind of procedure. All it needs it for you to register your number for the very first time, after which you have to do nothing. Just visit the app, and text and share and continue that everyday!

•One of the most basic reason for the so much attention and love is that the app is compatible to a Nokia S40 and an iPhone as well. It has a multi platform to offer, and isn’t confined to just a few.

•This is one quality, or one aspect about WhatsApp that has always been appreciable. WhatsApp doesn’t let any kind of bug or issues to last for long. With every update, there comes not only fixations, but there’s also newness added!

• The agreements that the app has with manufacturers such as Nokia and Sony, help it spread faster. The smartphones come with the WhatsApp pre loaded, and hence it has one step lesser. Not a very huge factor to determine its popularity, but surely one among the so many!

• its almost free for Android users. They say you have to pay after one year finishes, but that’s not really the case. It hasn’t been applied to most of the devices as of now. When you keep switching your phones from one to another, somehow the need to pay doesn’t really arise!

• The age old theory that the app has always followed! No adds and no gimmicks! Its easy and smooth chatting for hours.

•There’s no complications as you use the app. It has got the most basic user interface and lets you have a very swift chatting experience. Even the new features that are incorporated are in such a manner that the simplicity remains!

• WhatsApp works pretty much well even when you have the lowest possible network connections. You dont really have to be worried if or not the person on the other end received your message.

•Of all, this one is somehow the best! WhatsApp has become such a huge messaging platform only with the help of its users. It has never  really bothered to come up with a marketing scheme since the very start. It was all words of praise that have got WhatsApp to where it is now! The new updates for them will be on Note 5, Galaxy S7 or LG G5

WhatsApp has always retained its positions as the number one messaging app! And now, you have  got the perfect answers for why and how!

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