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Real Estate 101: How to Increase the Value of Your Home

You have your reasons for wanting to move. You need a larger house. You’re relocating for work. You just don’t like the neighborhood anymore. Fine. But what you really need to do is make sure you get the most for your home when you put it up for sale, and there are some things you can do to increase your home’s value before you put it on the market.
Survey Surrounding Home Values
First of all, take a look at the selling process of homes that have been sold in your area in the past six months. You’ll get the average selling price. Whatever you do, try not to do anything to your home that will drastically change the value in a way that puts it over the general market value for your area. You’ll end up wasting money. Your goal should bring your home’s value into line with other homes.
Make Necessary Repairs
Survey your home and make a list of all of the repairs you’ve been putting off – all of the things that have effectively decreased the value of your home from the start. Paint the walls, fix the roof, add some siding or get the exterior power washed. Has your automatic garage door opener been broken for ages? Pick up some commercial grade door hardware and other supplies from and fix it.
Address Kitchen Issues
I can almost guarantee any homebuyer looking to make a serious purchase is going to scrutinize the kitchen. Why? Most homemakers spend a ton of time there. Make sure it looks clean, modern, and in good repair. Are your kitchen cabinets totally outdated? Give them a fresh coat of paint and some new handles. Simple replacements to your faucets and lighting fixtures can go a long way in making the room look clean and bright. If there’s one place you should put your money, it’s here.
Overhaul the Bathroom
Second only to the kitchen is the bathroom, especially the master bathroom, if you have one. People are looking for spacious bathrooms, whirlpool tubs, standing showers, and toilets separated from the rest of the bathroom. If you can’t do all that, make sure the room appears as large as possible, whether you have to add creative cabinetry, replace the floor, or redo the paint job. If you do have a huge bathroom with all the amenities, make sure the pipes and hot water heaters are really equipped to work with them. It’s no fun having a huge whirlpool tub if your hot water heater will only support filling it half way before the water goes cold.
Selling a home can be tricky business. Adding an addition may seem like a good idea, but will probably put your home out of the marketplace. A few simple fixes, paying special attention to interior and exterior aesthetics, will put you on the right track.

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