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Read this Hilarious Pregnancy Story by Comedian Alibaba

Got the strangest call from a friend last week. It was 3am!!!! He was in Abuja and his wife, who was in LEKKI wanted to eat “Dambo Nama” (shredded beef).

He had had some in my house on my birthday, which was the last time the wife also had it. And from nowhere, with a 6 months pregnancy, she wanted it. He promised to bring send some later in the day… But she wanted it right away!

He made several calls before he remembered me. Luckily, we had some. So the driver came over to mine and took it to her. You will not believe she took only a pinch and that was it. Because when he got back 2 days later, he saw the pack in the fridge.

“Did you buy more?”. She said no. “So where did this come from?”
Anyway, 5 nights ago, on Monday, I think, at about 9pm, she wanted carrots! Luckily, he found some to buy after 2 hours search. What he still doesn’t understand is that stupid lie.
“You know it’s the baby that wants it not me”…

I’m posting this now because she just asked for Sour sop. My guy is on his way to the road that leads to Lekki 2nd gate just before This Present House… I wish him luck… What crazy things have you heard pregnant women ask for? #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmm

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