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Raipur, A City With Large Farms & Dense Nature-replete Jungles

 Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, is not just a significant administrative centre, but it is also a major commercial and industrial hub that offers plenty of opportunities for the locals and people of nearby towns and cities. Meanwhile, the city is also growing as a tourist destination and is home to a plethora of tourist attractions. Visit the city for an amazing holiday and for accommodations choose from best hotels in Raipur.

Raipur, popularly refereed as the Rice Bowl of India, is one of the rapidly developing cities in central India. The city is the capital of the newly formed state of Chhattisgarh. A fact to know; Chhattisgarh was originally a part of the larger state Madhya Pradesh. It was in November month of year 2000, when the state was carved out of Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh still remains one of the biggest states in India, and after the separation both the states are on their respective paths of development. Coming back to Raipur, the city today acts as the capital of Chhattisgarh, which explains the significance of the city.

From being a city whose main source of revenue was only agriculture, today the city has transformed into a major hub for coal and related industries, such as steel, power, and aluminium. Modernization has already started expanding in the city, and thus Raipur is the most developed city in the region.

Raipur, A City With Large Farms1

However, before all the growth and developments, Raipur was a sleepy city capped with dense forests and greenery. It has a glorious history to tell; in the ancient times the city was ruled by the Mauryans. For long, which means centuries, the city was the seat for the Haihaya kings. Amongst the rulers who reigned the city also include Raja Ram Chandra, who is one of the most illustrated Hindu kings in the Indian history. It is under his reign that the city came into prominence. The city flourished under his rule and also experienced constructions of multiple architecturally rich temples and structures. Other rulers, before and after King Ram Chandra, also made their share of contributions in developing and beautifying the city. The remains of these ancient temples, structure, and other sites are today the best sources of references on the city’s long and wide history.

Meanwhile, Raipur is also growing as a popular tourist destination to spend a content-relaxing holiday. Plus, the availability of hotels in Raipur across a wide range also helps one with his trip of the city, as there will be multiple options to choose from. Meanwhile, note that it gets very hot in the city during summer, so if possible summer is best avoided. However, there is certain fall in the temperature with the arrival of monsoon. The winter arrives in mid-November and stays till February. Experts advise that the it is the best season for Raipur tour.

While exploring the city, it is highly suggested that one visits the Hajra. The site is located in the Dongargarh area and is a popular site for picnic. Additionally, the site is also one of the best trekking destinations. The dense jungles of the site makes every visitor fall in love with it and also with the nature. The jungles house falls that are 46 meters high, deep tunnels, majestic hills, and others. All the local modes of transportation are available to the place. Plus, there are few cheap hotels in Raipur that also offer transportation services to the tourist site.

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