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Protect Your Pet from Fleas

Shielding your pets from fleas is a part of the role as a responsible pet owner. However, doing such task isn’t that easy. The fleas that can be found in pets are just a small number compared to the number of fleas living in the environment of your pet. The eggs of fleas can survive in soil, sidewalk crevices, grass, while inside homes they can live in carpets, beddings, cracks in floors, rugs, etc. Here are some tips from a pest control Vancouver company on how to protect your pet from fleas.

Prevention is Key

The optimal way of protecting your pets against fleas is to prevent them from infecting your pets. You can start by making sure that the area where your pets frequently go is free from fleas. One way of doing this is by mowing the grass in your yard and cleaning piles of leaves or wood piles because fleas tend to dwell in places like these.

Check these other ways that you can take to help protect your pets from fleas.

Keep It Clean

As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. Make sure that your pets’ beddings are clean along with the surrounding areas. Ensure that vacuum cleaner bags are properly disposed of after they are full because flea eggs can still be viable inside these bags.

Groom Your Environment

Fleas and other parasites don’t like to live in well-maintained lawns. Making sure that your lawn is properly maintained like mowing tall grasses and trimming brushes will help in ensuring that fleas will not thrive on it. You can also treat your lawn using flea and tick killing chemicals, just make sure to properly read the instructions before you use them.

Keep Your Dog Away From Undergrowth and Overgrowth

Forests and meadows can be full of fleas and ticks. So if your pet goes into such environments, make sure to check them for any fleas.

Flea and Tick Products

Even though there are a lot of powders, shampoos, sprays, treatments, and other products available in the market that can help in controlling fleas, deciding which product to use is not that simple. According to studies, certain ingredients from these products can be hazardous so make sure that you talk with your veterinarian and read the label properly before using them.

Aside from flea and tick products, there are also herbal and homemade treatments that can be concocted to fend off fleas from your pets. Although some will work, others may not since every pet differ when it comes to this DIY treatments. Make sure to take precaution before using any treatment and make certain that your pet is treated the right way.

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