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Professionally Printed Product Labels – Why It Pays To Go Pro

Professional printing houses up and down the UK are each and every day asked to validate why it is that expert label printing matters, when DIY options are available. These days, getting hold of a decent printer for the office or even the home for that matter is easy enough and generally pretty cheap, which leads to understandable questioning as to why it makes any sense to involve the professionals at an elevated cost.

According to the label printing team at Days Labels however, the choice is a pretty clear and simple one. Biased as those in the industry may be, there’s simply no denying the package of benefits that comes with choosing the professional approach – assuming of course it’s on the part of a proactive business that would prefer to see its products succeeding.

Quality Results

For example, you simply cannot expect to sell a product if its packaging and labelling look half-baked or lazy – it just isn’t going to happen. While there’s a certain charm to the ‘rustic’ look and feel when it comes to packaging, the only way you can expect to get away with this is if you actually designed it to look as such – NOT simply because you used a third-rate printer and cheap printing supplies. As far as the marketing strategy for any given product goes, there isn’t really a great deal of more importance than the packaging itself as this is often the first, last and only thing those in the respective store will see and thus use to make their purchase decisions by.

Consistent Output

Just as important as the quality of the printing is the consistency of the printing, as there’s really no bigger turn-off than a dozen examples of the same product with eleven different examples of the same packaging. When printing at home or in the office, it’s inevitable that there will be very slight inconsistencies by way of angles, colours or general quality overall. These may not look like much to the naked eye at first glance, but once the product is on the shelves and surrounded by range after range of perfectly labelled rivals, those that are anything less than perfect will stuck out like sore thumbs.


Another enormous benefit of going pro is the way in which a good printing partner will have the kind of flexibility it takes to keep up with your business and its demands. If, for example, the product takes off and you suddenly need another 10,000 labels, chances are this won’t be a problem. Likewise, if you need to either scale things down or make a last-minute change to your design ideas, no worries for those at the top of their game. You’ll gain access to the best equipment, advice and general performance on the market which can be tapped into at any time – a genuinely valuable resource.


Speaking of advice, it’s also worth bearing in mind that there really aren’t many in the world that know quite as much about the printing of successful labels than those who print thousands of them every hour of every day. By teaming up with a professional printing service, you open yourself up to an incredible arsenal of knowledge and guidance the likes of which could help steer both your project and your product in the right direction. This is the kind of consultancy that often costs a small fortune in its own right and is in every respect truly priceless for the business as a whole.

Freed Resources

Never forget that for every minute those within the business itself spend trying to get the printing sorted properly, their attention is taken away from far more profitable and important areas of the business. By contrast, to outsource to a third party provider takes all such responsibility out of the hands of the business, freeing up as many human and physical resources as possible and making sure all efforts are focused where most appropriate.

Cost Savings

Last but not least, it may sound like a frivolous and unnecessary expense to outsource for something like printing, but doing so can in fact save most businesses money in the long term. The reason being that while professional printing may not be free, neither are the printers you’ll be needing for the office, or the ink, or the paper, or the upkeep costs or even the manpower required to tackle the job. And when you factor in the difference in quality you can expect from the pros, there’s really no comparing the two.

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