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Professional, Discreet Services For Transferring Your Cash And Valuables

Professional, Discreet Services For Transferring Your Cash And Valuables

Are you concerned about driving around with large sums of cash or your valuables from location to location? Did you believe cash in transit services or armoured truck services were only available to banks? Well, you might want to reconsider that thought.

Armoured trucks or cash in transit services are available to anyone who would like to rent a vehicle that is bullet-proof and fire-proof for their valuables. If you’re someone who has priceless art, coins, cash, or any other item that is of high value and might be at risk for serious theft, then you qualify for hiring an armoured vehicle.

Services Offered

Cash in transit in Brisbane is for those who have valuable items that need to be transferred in a discreet vehicle. There are many other services that are offered with the driving of the items to another location.

First, someone will show up to disguise your valuables as best they can. Then a team will get your valuables to the armoured vehicle safely and discreetly. The armoured vehicle is no longer a large, bulky vehicle that looks suspicious on the streets. Many companies are now using vehicles that blend in with others so that they are not targets.

Once the items are in the vehicle, they are then carefully monitored with cameras in the vehicle’s cab to make sure nothing is happening to your valuables as they’re being transferred. In some cases, someone will sit in the back with your valuables to make sure they are safe.

When the items get to their destination, the crew will then unload them using discretion, and they will make sure the valuables are delivered in one piece. If the valuables are going into storage, they will be properly prepared before they are put away in a safe vault.


The obvious benefit is that you don’t have to worry about transferring your cash or other valuables using a personal vehicle that could easily be overtaken and broken into. In addition, armoured vehicles are meant to withstand bullets and are equipped with fire extinguishers to keep your valuables safe in the event of an accident.

Hiring an armoured vehicle service or cash in transit service will give you peace of mind in knowing that your valuables are protected by the most modern, up to date technology available. In addition to the vehicle being modern and secure, the guards who are transporting your goods are also well-trained professionals who know how to detect potential hazards or get themselves out of dangerous situations.

What To Look For

When you go to hire a cash in transit service, ask them about their process and what they can do to guarantee that your money or valuables will arrive at their destination safely. In addition, look at their reviews and overall status in the community to determine if they are a reputable company.

You want the best when you are transferring large sums of money or highly valuable items. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in order to get the best in the industry.

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