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Printing For Business – Why It Pays To Go Pro

With standard home and office printing technology having come so far over recent years, it’s hardly surprising that DIY printing is the option chosen by most. No matter what line of work it is you’re in or what it is you need to have printed, chances are you can pick up the hardware and software supplies needed to do it yourself for a pretty low price. And that’s exactly what the masses tend to do these days, but at the same time there are professional printing houses like that are also busier and used by more high-level businesses than ever before.

Which begs the obvious question – why? If the world has entered an era where DIY printing is so easy and affordable, why are so many still flocking the way of the professional printing company?

Well, it all comes down to what exactly you can expect to get out of the approach you take as just because you can do something yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you should. After all, you could technically make all of your own clothes and shoes at home using leftover bits and pieces, but that doesn’t mean you’d get the same result as going out and buying new!

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the arguments for professional printing in an era of home printing:

1 – Quality

So first and quite obviously foremost comes the way in which professional printing houses can print literally anything to a higher quality standard than any home or office printing endeavour. Of course for printing the odd few notes here and there this might not matter, but when it comes to printing anything at all you intend your clients and peer businesses to see, can you really afford to give the wrong impression? From leaflets to calendars to business cards and more, all of these things give the recipient a first impression of your business, so it’s a good idea to make it the right one.

2 – Convenience

It’s probably fair to say that printing doesn’t usually represent the single most demanding or time-consuming job in any modern office, but at the same time it can certainly be a bit of a pain. This becomes painfully clear when you find yourself dealing with a thousand and one errors, jams and conflicts the likes of which can transform a five-minute printing job into a day-long battle. By contrast, when you outsource all printing needs to third parties, it’s as simple as just sending over the files and waiting for the superior quality results to arrive.

3 – Costs

How can anything be cheaper that free DIY printing? The answer is of course nothing, which would be all well and good if it wasn’t for the fact that DIY printing isn’t even close to free or even cheap. It might seem as though all those lovely copies are flying out for next to nothing, but when you factor things like ink costs, broken printers and the kind of manpower needed to keep things moving into the operation, you’re actually looking at a pretty expensive venture. One of the most beautiful things about teaming up with a professional third party is the way in which they already have every last bit of equipment needed in place and ready to use, which means you literally only ever pay for what you need/use and not a penny more.

4 – Consultancy

Something else to consider is the way in which the benefits of a professional printing service go so much further than just reeling off the copies themselves. The reason being that when you side with the professionals, you take on board the knowledge and experience of a team of pros who know the art of design and printing better than anyone else in the world. As such, when looking to come up with anything from a new letterhead to a new business card, you have yourself a brilliant resource to tap into for advice and consultancy. As such, the usual trial and error process can be overstepped with ease.

5 – Ease

Last but not least, the ease of using a professional printing service these days simply cannot be overstated. As already touched upon, the web has made it possible to carry out each and every interaction online with nothing more than a few clicks standing between you and the incredible quality printing services and helpful consultancy you could ever need. Suffice to say it’s the kind of partnership you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without – the prospect of going back to DIY printing being one you’ll never realistically consider.

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