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PR Reinforcement: 5 Ways To Bolster Your PR Department

As a company leader, much falls to you in designing a team that will bring both financial success and employee satisfaction to your business.

But doing so can be a tricky proposition. Knowing the right way to succeed, however, can bring unheralded amounts of success in the corporate world to businesses with the right approach to public relations. And increasingly, as the PR Week publication noted in a recent article, the field of public relations is relying on creative mindsets to get the best work done possible. Increasingly, PR departments may be better served as artists’ workshops rather than “Mad Men” style hothouses.

1. Understand the Value of Aesthetic Sensibility

As human beings, we tend to respond strongly to good design. If your PR department is using good stationery and materials that appeal to the eye and are neatly dressed when they meet clients, they’ll be sure to create a strong impression on those who can best be served by your company. Doing so can help get your message across more clearly and concisely.

2. Know the Value of Courtesy

When your PR department treats clients with courtesy and respect, your company’s reputation will skyrocket. Everyone, no matter what they may say, responds well to good manners. A PR department should operate on the same basis as any other interpersonal relationship: Kindness and decency go much further than forceful and unnecessary attempts to impress others.

3. Understand the Value of Sales Experience

Sometimes the best PR work can come directly from employees with backgrounds in sales. Sales often involve understanding how interpersonal skills can further the interests of both service providers and clients. Finding the right sales rep/PR provider, such as through sites like Sales Vacancies, can do wonders for your business and reputation.

4. Consider Organising a Dinner for Colleagues and Other Businesses

Sometimes the key to good PR work is networking. When people from many different areas of business can meet together at a company dinner, for example, everyone can benefit by getting to know new colleagues and contacts via intelligent and sustained conversation and good-fellow feeling. A good dinner can create a great impression on all in attendance, and everyone loves a great meal and conversation. With a good dinner, you’ll end up being the toast of the evening.

5. Positive Reinforcement Works, and Negative Reinforcement Doesn’t

Not everyone realises how much of a force for good positive reinforcement can be in business. Taking aside a PR manager or employee and letting them know what a good job they’ve done on a key project can both increase their self-esteem and their sense of value with your company. This can create the possibility of even better performance in the future. Remember to be nice; studies show that negative reinforcement has almost no value as a tool for increasing employee performance, whereas positive reinforcement often trumps money as an incentive in the workplace.

For these reasons, understanding the psychology of PR is the first step towards making your business the best it can be. A good PR department will solidify your business’s reputation and will in turn lead to the attraction of more clients. That means with great PR, you’ll experience a great future in business.

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