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Powering Your Work Life: 5 Signs it is Time to Upgrade Your Office's Electrical System

There are a few things that are a certainty in office life. The first is that you will work hard. However, the second is that your life will be made harder if you don’t keep an eye on the basic, integral technologies that power you and your employees on a daily basis. One in particular that you need to watch out for is your electrical system. Here are 5 signs it’s time to upgrade your electrical system:
Flickering Lights 
This is one of the main signs that your electrical system is having problems. When the lights start going on and off for apparently no reason, then you know you have a problem. Flickering lights could indicate frayed wiring or loose connections in the circuits, which in turn could lead to serious electrical burnout and even a fire if not taken care of. If you leave the system as is, then the best case scenario is that you continue to have blackouts, which is already bad for business. After all, you people can’t get much done in the dark.
Fridge Powering up and down (Or Other Appliances) 
Pay attention to heavy appliances, especially those found in the breakroom. The fridge should be keeping things cool, and if it isn’t, you’ll want to check your outlets or the appliance itself. The microwave also should be steady in its operating sound and power levels, and varying high and low noises during use is not normal. This is a sign that you have a connection somewhere that is not stable and needs to be found and repaired.
Strange Noises 
Electricity has a sound associated to it, and you probably don’t hear it often. While a quiet buzz of florescent lighting or the hum of your computer is normal, you want to watch out for hisses or static snapping sounds. If you hear electrical noises that you can’t isolate to a normal operating cause, get your system checked immediately by a professional electrician. Energy escaping into the air as static can result in dangerous discharge and hazardous working environments and requires immediate attention.
Outlets No Longer Working 
Anyone who works in high voltage services will tell you that an outlet being out is bad news. It means it was overpowered by a mismatch in voltages. While it may sound like that’s the end of it, there still remains a danger from melted or disconnected wires that could still be channeling electricity. This can start fires or release deadly discharge if improperly handled, and requires a professional service to rectify.
Lights Seem Dimmer Than Before
There might come a time when you notice that your office lighting isn’t as new and bright as it used to be. Old wiring systems can become inefficient and result in dimmer lights and reduced electrical flow. If you feel like something is off, it probably is. Either way, the safest bet is to upgrade to a more efficient system to save in energy costs.
When it comes to your office’s electrical system, it is not the kind of thing you want to mess with. You need to make sure that all electrical flow is operating safely and efficiently. After all, your productivity depends on it. Your people can’t manage accounts, make calls, manage social media posts, help customers, or do anything in sales, marketing, or other areas without power to their workstations. So get a professional called in if any of the issues above show themselves in your office.

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