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Picture Your 6 Tips That Would Make Your Rented Apartment Feel Like Home

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Moving out from an apartment can be the most difficult task especially when it is done for the first time. Rented apartments generally do not offer you with an opportunity or the luxury to redecorate as you feel like, or may be the budget that you did not even thought about when decorating. Given below are the six major tips and tricks that would make your rented apartment feel like a home.

Investing in the furniture that you would love for ever: When it comes to the process of buying furniture for a rental property, people generally avoid investing in a luxurious furniture. And regardless on the budget people always begin to assume that the existing furniture would never fit into the new home. Well it’s high time to debunk on this common misconception. Calling out for a rental property does not have to mean living with the cheap and disposable furniture. Cheap furniture would make your apartment look like a college dorm. So unless you go with the custom made pieces, quality furniture should be made with a long term investment you could take with you no matter where you have been living.

Changing the front door mat: If you have one already of course that tiny carpet is the very first thing you need to see when you walk in, as it says a lot about life that lived behind the door. So try and choose a front door carpet that would welcome you properly when you enter your new home.

Trying to stretch the wall if the landlord allows: While most of the landlords do not like tenants who are painting the entire rental, they are usually cool with some small painting projects say for example a stencil wall. And since your landlord would here ask you to paint it back we would here recommend you to stencil a smaller part of your wall making your repainting job easier. Also do not forget to ask your landlord for the brand and the original paint color.

Adding plants: Potted plants are one of the best ways of adding some personal touch and warmth to your living space. These are the things that could say a lot about your personality keeping you healthy. Studies have shown that potted plants generally contribute to the wellbeing. And if you think you are cursed like most of us generally think then try and choose a plant that would never ever die.

Adding some colourful curtains adding up interest: Let’s say you have a most difficult landlord and would want to avoid holes in the wall or brighten the colors of the walls. Do not worry there have been some alternatives for you and your landlord when it comes to colourful curtains being added for your interest. So try and invigorate the space by hanging some colourful curtains around. A floor to ceiling drape would here work just like an accent wall.

Unpacking all your stuff: Some individuals do take time and some do not take time when it comes to the process of unpacking your stuff when you move and settle into your home.

To conclude the above mentioned simple techniques would make your rental property feel like a home without even annoying your landlord. This would here mean that you do not have to worry about things when It comes to security deposit.

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