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Pest Control In Newtown

The thought of having your space invaded by pests is a thought that you would prefer to never have become your reality. There are numerous pests in Newtown Pennsylvania that may try to take over your space that you will need to make yourself aware of and watch for.

What pests are in Newtown?

There are many pests that have decided that Newtown Pennsylvania is a great place for them to take up residence. You could spend countless hours studying all of the pests that live in Newtown but we will just break down the basics of what you should keep your eyes open for.


Wasps appreciate plants. Newtown is known for their agriculture ground throughout the city. Because there are so many plants for wasps to feed from, you are likely to have many wasps in Newtown. Staying on top of wasp control is the easiest way to keep your yard from becoming the home to a swarm of them.


There is no better place than a field for mice to take up residence. Fields full of crops are some of the best hiding places for mice. They feel safe inside of the fields and also have plenty to eat so they never need to leave. However, when harvest rolls around the mice are quickly going to be regretting their decision to make the fields their home base. Harvest stirs up mice and they soon start looking for other places to live.

Your home is another great option for mice. Harvest is a great time to be sure that your home is sealed off well and to make sure that mice do not have easy access into your home. Just because you seal your home off well does not mean that the mice will not be able to get inside. If you still have a problem with mice, call a Newtown pest control company to come and observe your situation and remove the mice that have gotten inside of your home.


Spiders are another creepy, crawly critter that loves an agricultural community. Fields are a great place for spiders to settle because they have all that they need in one area where people are often not found. But, similar to mice, they are going to start looking for new shelter after harvest and before winter rolls around.

It is suggested to have a Newtwon pest control company come to your home and spray before winter arrives. They will be able to spray the outside of your home and discourage the spiders from coming inside of your home. It is much easier to keep spiders out of your home than it is to try and remove spiders from inside of your home. Being proactive is the best advice for keeping spiders out of your home.

Whether you already have a problem with pests inside of your home or you are looking to keep pests outside of your home, it is a great idea to learn all that you can about pest control and how pests work so you can avoid infestations.

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