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Pain In The Back? Holistic Options To Relieve Back Pain

Pain In The Back? Holistic Options To Relieve Back Pain

From overdoing it at the gym and lifting something a bit too heavy to stress and fatigue, pain and discomfort in the upper and lower regions of your back is rather common. While millions of people visit their doctor for treatment, prescription pain medications do not offer a long-term option for your pain. In addition, many of the medications your doctor prescribes could be harmful to your health and wellness. Using this guide, you can treat your back pain in a more natural, safe, and healthier manner.


Utilizing various forms of hot, cold, or frozen water, hydrotherapy effectively soothes stressed muscles, sore bones, and uncomfortable joints. For many patients, hydrotherapy also improves the circulatory system to enhance the body’s blood circulation. This speeds up recover time after injuries or accidents, but also helps ease soreness in the back region.

Pain In The Back? Holistic Options To Relieve Back Pain

If you are considering hydrotherapy for your own back pain, consider the following options:

Hot tub
Cold shower
Ice pack
Cold compress
Warm compress

Unfortunately, many patients have extreme pain that does not allow them to easily enter a swimming pool, bathtub, or spa. If you struggle with these simple movements, a warm or cold compress on your affected area is best. It is important to note that visiting your doctor and remedial massage Perth specialist before utilizing hydrotherapy is recommended.

Chiropractic Care

While surprising to hear, your local chiropractor can help ease your back pain and learn the best methods to cope with discomfort in the future. These medical professionals offer a multitude of services, but your specific treatment will be based on your doctor’s suggestions.

Many patients who experience constant back pain use the following chiropractic treatment options:

Physical Therapy – Exercise may be difficult for some patients with back pain. However, physical therapy helps you work through pain, buildup strength, and increase your endurance when completing everyday activities. Physical therapy sessions involve walking, jogging, weight lifting, and even swimming. While each specific exercise offers its own benefits, chiropractors will watch you perform the movements to document your progress each day or week.

Massage Therapy – Massage is not only a common service performed at your local spa. Today, more and more patients with chronic pain visit their chiropractor for massage each week. Using gentle, yet firm, motions, the massage therapist will work through tense muscles and joints to improve the pain in your back. Each session varies in length, but the majority of patients see significant improvement in their pain after only 30 minutes.

Spinal Manipulation – If you are experiencing chronic pain in your back, neck, or shoulders, you may require a spinal manipulation. Fortunately, this procedure is not as complicated or invasive as it sounds. Your remedial massage Perth specialist will ask you to lay facing down on their table. They may use a flat table or an inclination table, which moves your through the process. The chiropractor will use their hands to realign the neck and head with your spine. Again, spinal manipulation sounds complicated and painful, but patients will only feel slight pressure. Many patients enjoy the sensation and compare it to a more involved massage.

Although chronic back pain is common, it does not have to be a death sentence. There are many options available to treat the pain, but visiting your doctor for a consultation is key to a painfree life. Using these holistic treatment options, you can ease your discomfort without harmful medications and invasive surgeries.

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