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Overview Of Lion City’s PR Schemes

As you know, several hundreds of people are becoming a Permanent Resident of Lion City each year. However, it’s to be understood that all the applicants are not going through the same process of PR applications. Yes, there are various schemes available depending upon the applicant. For instance, the processes for the single applicants will differ from that of the processes of applicants with family.

One might be wondering why the country has so many programs for giving out the PR status. It’s because of the diverse opportunities available on the island to set up a new home on it.Also, one must not forget that this is the most consistent, as well as the most developed country in the whole Asian Continent. So, there’s no wonder that it has so many schemes towards the path of PR. Now, let’s see about the various schemes available here…

Avoiding Misconception:

We have to agree that most people would try for a PR only after working on the island for some years. But, remember that this is not the only path available for getting the PR. There are some other ways too! It’s because of this reason, I am writing this article here so as to make the people aware of the pathways available. By knowing these schemes, the aspirants can choose the most suitable pathway depending upon their needs and situations.

List of Schemes:

For Individuals:

An individual could try for the PR as working professional, technical personnel, or a skilled worker. This scheme is called as ‘PTS, which is found to be the easiest path for getting the PR approval.This scheme would require the individual to be working on the island at the time of applying. This means that the individual must first reach the Lion city using an ‘Employment Pass’. Also, you should stay at least 6 months before the time of application.

For Investors:

These people can go through a different scheme called ‘GIP’ to get their PR. This scheme is allowing the applicant to apply for oneself plus a family. The least amount investment required getting this will be 2.5 million Singapore dollars. The applicant can invest this sum in any of the existing businesses in the country too!

Remember that, only money won’t take you through the process. You must show a great track record in business and you should also have an excellent background in entrepreneurship. Yes, a business proposal will also be a must!

For Artists:

It has been observed by our company Visa Express that the importance of arts has been grown in the country in the recent time and the island is focusing onbecoming a hub of arts. Therefore, the talented artists are welcomed for PR through a special scheme called ‘Foreign Artistic Talent’. It’s to be noted that the applicant must be an already popular artist in his/her own motherland along with sufficient training in his/her own field. The artists with a global reputation are preferred and he/she must have contributed to the island’s arts scene.

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