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Overboard? 6 Ways To Know Your Business Could Benefit From A Guard

Overboard? 6 Ways To Know Your Business Could Benefit From A Guard

Business owners need to deal with the reality of theft and vandalism. Retail storefronts are prime targets for criminals. This is especially true when there are no visible security measures in place. A security guard can make all the difference. There are six ways to know if a business could benefit from hiring a guard.

High Amounts of Shrinkage

High amounts of shrinkage could indicate problems with shoplifting by customers, employees or both. Shrinkage can reduce margins and harm profits every quarter. Hiring a security guard can help to reduce shrinkage significantly in a storefront. A guard can deter shoplifters and actively protect the inventory.

Expensive Items Are Sold

Any business selling expensive items is at risk. Security companies in MD say a single shoplifter or burglary can do significant financial damage to the store while also affecting inventory levels. Retailers selling expensive items like electronics or jewelry should have a guard posted at all times. The guard can watch over expensive items and detect suspicious behaviors from shoppers.

Suspicious People Are In and Around the Store

A clear sign that a security guard is needed in a store is if suspicious people are appearing regularly in and around the location. This could be a sign the store is becoming a target for vandalism or burglaries. Suspicious people around a store could also stop shoppers from entering and make employees feel unsafe. A security guard patrolling the storefront can keep these individuals away.

Security Systems Require Monitoring

Many business owners have cameras or other systems installed for security. These systems need monitoring. A business will benefit from a security guard because cameras watching sensitive or important areas can be monitored during open hours. This will prevent criminals from shoplifting. It will also provide evidence for law enforcement if something occurs.

Other Stores Reports Burglaries and Vandalism

Reports from other stores that shoplifting or vandalism is up could indicate a trend in the entire neighborhood. Businesses will benefit from hiring a security guard in this instance. The guard will make the store one of the most unattractive targets in the area for shoplifters and criminals.

Multiple Entrances

Businesses with multiple entrances for customers will benefit from hiring a guard. The guard can make sure to watch entrances and the customers who come into the store. Multiple entrances and exits make shoplifting easier. People who know a guard is patrolling all entrances will be far less likely to try to steal.
Security guards are one of the most effective deterrents available. The presence of a guard can prevent criminals from entering or attempting to shoplift. Guards also benefit businesses because they can complement any other existing security systems.

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