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Outreach & Stardom: What Your Business Can Learn from YouTubers

Wouldn’t it be great to be famous? The value of your brand would go through the roof if you were. Well, you can be if you’re willing to add some skill sets to your repertoire. These days, social media marketing skills are some of the most important ones. It is because of social media that people like Justin Bieber and Tyler Oakley are famous. The good news is that the resources that they used to crank their careers up a notch are open to you. Here’s a look at four ways you can boost your online profile by taking a lesson from the best of them.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, have been responsible for many celebrities’ fame—including Justin Bieber. Originally, people saw how talented he was as a little boy singing on the street in Canada and they loved him! They wanted the whole world to know as well, which led to him getting noticed by top producers. Likewise, your business needs to get noticed by those who count—potential partners and customers. You want to create a product that keeps people talking and posting about it out of their own free will. Make sure that everything that you put out online is something that people want to share and that everything your business provides is something that creates conversation.

2. Viewer Engagement

If you want to up your viewer engagement, you need to look no further than the Good Mythical Morning channel on YouTube. There’s a lot of noise on social media, which can make it hard for anyone to get steady long-term attention. Despite this, Rhett and Link, the stars of this channel regularly get between 500,000 and a million or more views for their videos. This show combines slick opening graphics with outlandish premises. How outlandish? So outlandish that 1.5 million viewers tuned in to see the two eating toilet paper in an episode that explored strange addictions. Lesson here? Your pride could get in the way of your profit. You can boost your viewer engagement by being a little silly. Not only that, by Rhett and Link engage with their audience by encouraging their audience members to send them mail in the hopes that a letter of theirs gets read on their Thursday (“mail day”) broadcasts.

3. Video Editing and Presentation

Speaking of Link and Rhett, these wacky dudes know a thing or two about video presentation. The graphics at the opening of their show feature cool computer generated imagery, strange colors, and moving parts. If you’d like to give your video presentations the kind of edge that these guys’ videos have, it’s in your best interest to learn a few new video editing tricks. You can learn to play with color on certain software programs, such as Color Grading Central, how to edit videos with Adobe Premiere on, and of course, you can gain some additional skills by—you guessed it—watching YouTube videos. It’s worth the effort. Videos often hold an audience’s attention longer than straight text alone will.

4. Add Some Personality

Tyler Oakley, YouTube celeb and social media extraordinaire is one of the people you’ll want to watch if you want to see personality on social media in action. Tyler has millions of followers on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as YouTube. He’s published a book on Amazon. He’s really the epitome of an online personality who’s mastered every important social media platform.

He’s also a lot of fun to watch on his videos, which is an important quality for a Vlog star. Social media stars like him capitalize on their goofy uniqueness to bring viewers, millions of them, to their site. They also make a good bit of cash by doing it. You could, too.

Social media has such power that you could make yourself famous by getting good at it. Social media stars like Tyler Oakley and Justin Bieber have used these platforms to build an enviable following. If you’d like to do the same, then watch stars like these and take note. What you learn could just push your business to new levels.

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