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Optimized Rankings: How SEO Plays A Critical Role In Small Business Marketing

Since the development of ecommerce in the late 1990s, the number of businesses with websites or an online presence has exploded. In fact, many businesses today operate entirely online. This has made getting found by potential customers on the internet through methods like SEO one of the most important aspects of modern business. Here are four of the ways that great SEO benefits a small business.

Brings in New Customers

The greatest benefit of SEO is that it brings new customers directly to your website from large search engines. With the help of a SEO service, like Meredith Broadcast Digital Solutions, you can get your site to rank pretty high for certain search terms, which can then help to attract large amounts of traffic from people searching for that term. To see the best traffic results from SEO, you should aim for appearing on the first page of Google results for your primary keywords and search phrases.

Establishes You as a Niche Authority

When your site has great SEO, it will appear in the top page of search results for many searches related to your particular niche. If people looking for information about your niche or product see this often enough, they will come to view your website as an authority site, and will therefore trust it more when looking for information in the future. A good SEO strategy can establish you and your website as the go-to source for information in your niche, which has a huge value when people decide to buy.

Customer Targeting

Besides just bringing in more potential customers, an in-depth SEO strategy can help you target your site specifically to different customer groups. Say, for example, you were selling hair styling products. In order to specifically target different elements of your consumer base, you might optimize for long-tail keywords like “best styling products for long hair” and “best styling products for short hair” independently. Using a customer-specific approach like this will help your brand gain appeal with potential buyers with specific requirements.

Competition with Larger Brands

One of the best things about SEO is that it depends entirely on how good you are at it, rather than how large your brand is. For this reason, great SEO lets small businesses compete with much larger brands and companies on equal footing in the search engine space. In fact, many large brands are still catching up to the realities of modern digital marketing, meaning that your small business may be able to beat even your stiffest competition in the realm of search engine rankings.

These are only a few of the many benefits that a great SEO strategy can have for small businesses. If you want your business to reach higher levels of success, begin focusing on your search engine optimization today.

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