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Newer Company? 4 Tips For Success After The First 2 Years

From the time you became an entrepreneur, you knew that you’d face many challenges. Juggling your new responsibilities with those of your personal life and managing financial pressures, for example, only begin to tell the story of the high-pressure whirlwind that business owners experience. The first few years were stressful, but you made it through. Now it’s time to strategize for long-term success.

Use Your Network

You need to have access to people who can help you build your brand identity and spread the good news about your company. Also, you need the advice and guidance of other entrepreneurs who can help you solve the myriad problems that face your business. Rather than getting too busy to maintain your personal and professional relationships, you should tap into your network to get the support you need to gain access to the suppliers, customers and investors needed to sustain your business. It’s important to continually cultivate new relationship within your network as you never know what the future will hold for your business of what support you will need.

Listen To Employees And Customers

Now that your company has been established for a little while, it’s imperative to start looking inward at ways you can improve your company. Talk to your employees, figure out what they enjoy and don’t enjoy about the company. Strategize to fix problems and offer solutions that compromise to meet everyone’s needs. It’s also vitally important that you talk to your customers and see what their experience with you company has been, so you can plan for a better experience for the future. Information is key and can be used to really help your company.

Control Expenses

The cost of doing business can quickly get out of control. Rent, equipment, furniture and payroll costs only begin selling the story. Expenses associated with legal and regulatory compliance can quickly surpass your expectations and add to your many financial challenges. Find ways to cut costs. For example, you might consider sharing office space with another startup, hire remote workers for your office and shop for used office equipment. For help with any current financial issues and planning a budget for the future, consider using the help of professionals like Navicor Consulting.


Your startup can become obsolete if you strictly adhere to your business plan. Instead, create a flexible operation that can embrace and quickly adapt to market changes. Don’t be afraid to alter your product line or change your marketing mix to stay relevant and competitive.

Running a business requires a commitment to hard work, but it also takes good connections, perseverance, a thrifty attitude and flexibility. The above four tips will help you have continued success in the years to come.

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