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Need A Bigger Building? How To Make Your Business Move More Manageable

Deciding to relocate your business is a big step, but it is also a positive sign. Moving to a larger space means your company is growing and ready for bigger and better things. It can allow you to hire more staff you might need and better see to the needs of your customers. To make such a move more manageable, keep these things in mind.

Plan Ahead

Unforeseen things will likely happen during your move. However, having a plan gives you a good blueprint to follow that will relieve stress and confusion. Brainstorm with multiple executives in your company and come up with a checklist of items that must be addressed during the move. For example, you will need to change your business’s address on business cards, your website and at any relevant organizations. Also decide on what everyone’s job will be.

Use a Professional Moving Service

A professional moving service like Walsh Moving & Storage or someone similar can get your items moved quickly and efficiently. This allows you and your employees to focus on other aspects of the move as well as your normal responsibilities. This will help prevent lapses in service to your customers or normal business operations as the move gets underway. You also won’t have to worry about your employees hurting themselves and needing to take off work or file worker’s compensation claims. Finally, professional movers can get your heavy and fragile items moved, such as copiers, without much risk of breaking them.

Let Your Customers Know

This is perhaps the most important thing you need to make sure you do correctly when moving offices. You need to let your customers know you will be moving. Let them know well in advance, with signs in your building, a mailer, an e-mail and via social media. Apologize in advance for any inconvenience and perhaps offer a coupon or deal of some sort as a promotion for your new location.

Move in Stages

If possible, strongly consider moving your office in stages rather than all at once. This will make the move more manageable and allow you to stop in between stages and assess your progress. Doing the move in planned stages will give you time to think and ensure everything important is attended to. Plan out your stages in advance and don’t be afraid to make changes once the move gets underway if necessary.

Moving business locations does not have to be a pain. Plan ahead, use professional movers and be sure to let your customers know. You will be settled into your new location in no time.

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