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Nautical Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Boater

Popular nautical gift ideas include a wide array of items that are designed to please avid boaters no matter what type of boat happens to be their castle upon the sea. From practical suggestions for the home or boat to impractical ones with a humorous theme, the list is long enough for everyone to find something that will suit the fancy of their favorite boater.

Nautical Clocks

Weather instruments and nautical clocks that give the tide as well as the time are at the top of the list of gifts. Available in a number of different sizes and featured in tabletop and wall mount styles, the clocks are popular items that often feature a wood and brass combination.

Nautical Clocks

Jewelry for Women Boaters

For female boaters especially, nautical jewelry options feature a diversity that is attractive and engaging. From earrings to bracelets to necklaces to watches to rings and piercings, the available options provide numerous opportunities for gift-giving ideas. For male boaters, the options are slightly less diverse, yet they feature the same attractive nautical themes.


Nautical lamps and cabin accessories are also great ideas if you are boating near Wisconsin or the great lakes region. From electrical lights and lamps in a variety of styles including bulkhead lamps, yacht lamps, and oil lamps to small vases and lamp and vase combinations. These would be perfect gifts for any avid boater that owns a yacht to amateur boaters starting out with beginner pontoon paddle boats. The choices are endless.


Binoculars that are suited for navigational use often feature illuminated compasses along with a rangefinder. Manufactured in a number of different models and provided with a sturdy carrying case and limited guarantee, nautical binoculars are perfect gifts to present to the avid boater.

Bells & Whistles

Ship bells are terrific not only for boats, but also for decorative accents for homes. They are fashioned in a number of different sizes and styles. Audible from great distances, crafted in a number of materials including brass, and complete with exceptional bell tones, ship bells offer a nice touch that can be appreciated by many. While you are thinking about bells, you should also consider whistles, especially whistles designed for fastening on life jackets as an added safety feature.

Book Keeping

Log books with custom covers showcase a plethora of ideas from the cruising log to the sportfishing log to the maintenance log to guest logs and more. Each log is designed with recording pages that provide ample room for all of the pertinent details for each boating journey.


No matter what type of gift you select for the boater in your life, one with a nautical theme is bound to please. Take note of what they currently own whenever possible to avoid duplicating their possessions.

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