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Most Expensive House Features That All Design Experts Agree On

Whether being a new house owner if not, if money is no issue and you want to start creating the perfect home space to relax in at the end of each day, then consider installing the following features in your home. Although they don’t come cheap, they can provide you with years of entertainment and fun, whilst also dramatically increasing the value of your home. And if unsure about how (or where) to install them, consider consulting an expert to ensure your investment. Here’s a list of some of the most expensive house features that you may wish to have in your own home.

Olympic-sized Swimming Pool

Most Expensive House Features That All Design Experts Agree On

Although thousands of homes across the country have backyard swimming pools, there are only a handful that sport 50 meters, Olympic-sized lap pools at home. These gigantic bodies of water are popular with athletes (of course) as well as the aqua loving rich and famous. Build one in your home and join the select few today.

Home Cinema

Most Expensive House Features That All Design Experts Agree On

Why bother making the trip to the local cinema when you can kick back and watch your favorite movies on your own 20 inch flat screen? Or better yet, why not just build your own home cinema room (if space provides) and get the cinema experience right at home? For a growing number of individuals around the world, this is exactly what they’ve done. If you can afford it, they make great additions to your home, and are sure to be a hit with movie loving family and friends. 

Personal Sauna

Most Expensive House Features That All Design Experts Agree On

Relax in your own personal sauna at home, and let the day’s stress just melt away. Saunas are great for your health and well-being, and add a luxurious touch to your home. There are a variety of different options to consider when it comes to saunas, such as indoor versus outdoor, and easy-to-assemble models versus prefabricated outdoor retreats. The choice is yours.

Indoor Rock-climbing Wall

Scale the inner confines of your home by building your own indoor rock-climbing wall. Suitable inside 2 and 3 story houses, they allow active home owners to enjoy outdoor activities without ever having to leave their home. They can be finished to look like real rock walls, and add a touch of the outdoors to your home. Nowadays they are very popular – even in offices, such is the one at Googleplex.

At-home Tigers

Forget visiting the zoo to get your big cat fix; set up a sizeable enclosure in your backyard and watch these beautiful creatures from the comfort of your own home. Tigers need a lot of space to roam. So a large plot (several acres) that includes small pools, lots of trees, and shelters is ideal. Also, you’ll need to make sure your property is sufficiently secure: a tiger on the run spells trouble.

Indoor Basketball Court

Burn loads of calories from the confines of your home by playing basketball on your very own court. Sure, it doesn’t cost much to put a ring up in your driveway. But if you have the money to spend, why not create a more authentic space to shoot hoops?

Backyard Golf Course

If you prefer a more relaxing way to exercise, then consider creating a golf course right in your own backyard. A well manicured golf course looks beautiful and provides years of golfing practice, helping you work on your game from the privacy of your own home. To maximise your workout, walk instead of buggy-ing around.

Home Bowling Alley

If you have a spare 30m x 4m room in your home, you may want to consider installing a two-lane, 10-pin bowling alley inside. Although not cheap, they’re excellent sources of at-home entertainment and are sure to be a hit with family and friends. Just be sure you keep score to avoid any trouble down the line.

So there you have it. Creating the perfect home space isn’t too hard to pull off, and if you`re one of those people who like to do it all by themselves, then consider watching some tutorials first or enroll in a interior design course before you start decorating on your own. All that’s left for you to do apart from getting to know the basics in design, is to choose which feature(s) to install in your home, and join the elite few that have truly magnificent homes.

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