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Making The Most Of Any Career: 4 Universal Tips For Business Professionals

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If you’re trying to grow your business by boosting sales, then it may be time to consider a direct sales model. Instead of getting your business’s products stocked by retailers or sold online, you have a sales team pitching your products to customer directly. They can do this through demonstrations, parties and simply reaching out to their contacts about your products. Wondering if this could be right for your business? Here are five reasons to give it a try.

Direct Sales Gets the Customer’s Attention

When your product is on a shelf or listed online somewhere, it’s easy for the customer to ignore. You can use ads or other marketing efforts, but customers tend to tune these out too whenever possible.

They’re far less likely to ignore a person pitching them a product, especially when it’s someone they know. Just having a direct sales team will result in more attention from customers and more opportunities for sales.

Your Sales Team Can Provide Valuable Feedback

It’s tough to know what you need to change to improve your products, but not when you use direct sales. Direct selling turns the sales process into more of a conversation between the salesperson and the customer. The salesperson is doing most of the talking, but the customer can ask questions and make comments.

Those interactions could include helpful information on how your products can improve. Your customers may notice a defect that you missed, or one could simply have a good idea that you may consider implementing.

You Can Match Sales Strategies with Your Business’s Other Strategies

It’s important to present a consistent message to your customers, as this reinforces your brand. But this can be hard when you use traditional selling methods. You may not have full control of how your product is presented to customers, leading to a divide between your sales and marketing strategies.

With direct sales, you’re in full control of everything. You can have your sales team use the same type of terms and presentation as those used in your marketing, building a strong brand image.

It Helps You Keep Costs to a Minimum

It costs money to sell your products. Retailers can charge substantial amounts for the shelf space where it puts your products. If you go with online sales, you cut your costs a bit, but running and marketing your site will be expensive. If you list your products on another site, it will take a cut of every sale.

When you use a direct sales model, you’re cutting any other retailers out of the equation. Your sales team may earn a commission, but this small percentage will be more than worth it. Direct sales results in lower upfront costs and lower ongoing costs.

It Builds Customer Relationships

Sales is all about relationships between a business and its customers. When you establish a connection with a customer, they’re more likely to buy from you now and in the future.

The direct sales model is perfect for this because it allows your business to make human connections through its sales team. You have more than just products on a shelf or ads; you have real people demonstrating your products.

Remember that many people still don’t understand this sales model, so be prepared for adversity. Even global giants have issues sometimes, like during the supposed ACN scam. Just be ready to explain the legitimacy of what you do, and everything will end up fine. Whether your business has been around for years or you just launched it, you can certainly benefit by choosing a direct sales model. It can generate more sales at a lower cost, and it’s very easy to expand because all you need to do is add more people to your sales team.

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