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Majestic and Beautiful Mosque In Indonesia

Majestic and Beautiful Mosque In Indonesia

As people know, Indonesia is one of the largest Muslim populations in around the world. This country has more than 50% Muslims in its total population. With this number, there are so many buildings that refer to this religion as well. The most important building for Muslim is mosque which means that you will find mosque in this country. Since the amount of Muslim is so high, then they build many mosques as the holy places. The number of mosques almost reaches a million in Indonesia, from the largest, the biggest, the oldest, and the most majestic architecture of mosque is available there. The architecture and design style of some mosques are influenced by miscellaneous culture, from local traditional culture to European and Middle Eastern culture. Since this country has huge Muslim population, then it is no surprise to find beautiful mosque in Indonesia in several places. This country is a home for great mosque that you can visit when coming to Indonesia. It is not only available for Muslim visitors, but it is available for public, for whoever comes to those places.

The architecture and decoration design of mostly mosques in Indonesia are inspired by other countries’ style, such as Arabic, European, Chinese, and many more. However, there are also some mosques which are built by the local decoration style. If you have a trip to Indonesia, you have to come to visit them to see great view and its architecture. It is enlisted here for most beautiful mosque in Indonesia.

  • An-Nur Grand Mosque. This mosque is built in 1968 which is located in Pekanbaru, Riau which. This mosque is fine to accommodate for about four thousand people there. The decoration design of this mosque is unique with a combination of Turkish, Indian, Arabic, and Melayu design. You will find it like Taj Mahal design at first sight.

  • Dian Al-Mahri Mosque. This mosque is famous for its dome which is made by gold. The area around this mosque has about 50 hectares. Inside the mosque, it can accommodate for around twenty thousands of people.

  • Rahmatan lil Alamiin (Al-Zaytun) Mosque. This mosque is located in Indramayu, West Java which is the specific located is in Al-Zaytun area. This mosque can accommodate for about a hundred thousand people, such a fantastic number. It has combination architecture of contemporary and traditional values.

Those mosques are only a little example of beautiful mosque in Indonesia you must visit. There are still a lot of amazing mosques in Indonesia that you have to know. Come to Indonesia and experience some great moments by having a journey to see those beautiful mosques. Although there are many mosques which are a combination of various culture style, but most of them are influenced by Arabic style for its minarets and domes. In some mosques, the tour guide is available to explain you about the building and guide you to the some beautiful spots there. You can also ask them anything related about the mosque.

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