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Lessons To Learn Before Finding Legal Representation

When you’re starting your business don’t forget to find a lawyer to represent your business should it ever need legal assistance. This doesn’t just apply to potential lawsuits. You’ll want a lawyer who can help you with incorporation and making sure that all of your tax and filing obligations are met. Unfortunately, finding the right lawyer for your business isn’t always easy. There’s more to it than simply picking a name out of the phone book.
1. Start with People You Trust
You aren’t running your business in a vacuum. You undoubtedly have people in your life who have had to hire a lawyer for business purposes before. Ask those people who they used and whether or not they would hire that same lawyer again. This is the best place to start because you’ll know that you are going to get honest opinions.
2. Check out Each Potential Lawyer Online
It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring a lawyer from a highly reputable firm like the Killino Firm in New York or Kirkland and Ellis in Chicago. Do at least a preliminary online background check for each of the lawyers (or law firms) you’re thinking of working with. You can run the name of the lawyer or firm through websites like Nolo, the American Bar Association’s Website, and the Better Business Bureau and even through sites like Yelp. Do a Google and Google News search. Be thorough!
3. Take a Meeting
Always meet with a potential lawyer or law firm before deciding whether or not to do business with them. Most firms and lawyers will do an initial “get to know each other” consultation for free. Pay attention to how your lawyer treats you: the tone in her voice, whether or not she is focused on you or is taking other calls, etc. Get to your meeting early so that you can see how the firm operates even while it is not trying to woo your business in its direction.
4. Do Not Sign Anything Yet
Unless you are absolutely ready to commit to hiring a lawyer or a legal firm and you are comfortable with the terms of the agreement, do not sign anything. If you are being pressured to sign an agreement during the first meeting or if you are being pressured to sign a non-disclosure statement or anything else, run away. You want to keep your options open until you’re willing to commit. Any lawyer worth hiring is going to understand that.
These are just four tips to help you make sure you get the very best lawyer possible for your business.

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